Saturday, August 27, 2011

Toot toot !

So, have you seen the latest scraps of news about trains and the wild countryside?
Apparently Victoria has caught up with the rest of the world (with nary an earthly bump, brass bands nor a bank of fireworks!) when it's finally been resolved that passengers can actually keep their arses parked onboard the train when carriages are added or subtracted at Ballarat.
Be still my beating heart!

In further exciting news not only can trains get a head of steam up between Ballarat and Maryborough now that crossings have been upgraded but Clunes station is set to reopen in November.

And the piece de resistance....
There's going to be a look-see into reopening regional lines and stations out the back of beyond aka where the people actually need rail transport.

There's still no passenger rail to Mildura but, hey, it's only been 18 years and counting since that animal was last sighted...

Can't see the point in wasting $2 million into a feasibility study when the need is obvious and when Minister Mulder already states,
"Victoria's rural population will continue to grow."
Stop faffing about and Just.Do.Something.ALREADY.


  1. I agree 200%
    Stopp faffing around and get it done!!
    While you're at it, sort out the buses too. Aussie public transport could take a leaf or three from some of the European systems.

  2. One of this nations greatest tragedies has been the closure of many rural railway lines all around the country. Yes, it's expensive to keep them open - but surely that could be offset against the costs of maintaining rural communities with no employment, keeping roads safe from the endless semis (and the massive road repair bills they generate), and the tourism benefits? Tragically, commissioning a feasibility study is seen as an action in its own right these days - follow up action is rare, if ever. But, hey! We can dream, right?

  3. Funny things, memory joggers. Can remember being in a train travelling from Adelaide to Melbourne when about 7 yrs old, and woken up by a helluva thump when the cases in the overhead storage crashed to the floor. Have just looked it up.

    Head-on collision between two "Overlanders" at Serviceton; 3AM September 7 1951. All four locomotives condemned. No casualties among the passengers, but one fireman died.