Monday, September 19, 2011

A bit of this, a bit of that...and shake your bum (tra la la la)

Thrilling things, boys and girls, awaiting for you to cast your baby blues over them for an entertaining perusal.
In street speak - enjoy the read!

Kylie Minogue released the album Kylie Minogue on this day in 1994.

Have you heard that Museum Victoria is hoping to refurbish and reopen the viewing platform in the dome of the delicious Royal Exhibition Building in Carlton Gardens?
It won't be happening overnight but it'll be a rip-snorter when it's finished!

Today is the 41st birthday of LGBT activism in dear old Oz, with the formation of the organisation CAMP in 1970.

I'd like to pop in a small vent about a few comments in the media I've heard recently stating,
"Gay is a great word in the English language, how dare a minority hijack it for their own use."
No names, no pack drill but I think it's a shame dropkick, oxygen thieves are allowed to hijack my tv viewing time with worthless drivel.

Go check out the article and the video of this fantastic piece of historical vernacular architecture, the Murtoa Stick Shed,  which has managed to survive intact.
The light inside this building is lovely!
There was another built at Dunolly but it was demolished in the 1990s (I think from off the top of my head) and the Dunolly Museum has a great set of photos detailing it's size and character before its demise as it was pulled apart.

Just came across this interesting article; no matter which side of the political fence you lean the historical facts speak for themselves.

And, finally, in 1942 we gals were invited to reinvent ourselves as "shock troopers" in "the Austerity Army".
Go on, get thee darning socks.
*ducks and runs away*


  1. Re the interesting article, I don't know whether I am more angry or more ashamed. Both I suspect. Grrr, cringe how can we do this. Grrrr. Great article, too true.

  2. Hi Jayne,
    Fascinating stuff about the Murtoa Stick Shed.
    There is/was? [I must take a look next time] a hall in Balmattum sitting on stumps made entirely out of 88 gallon drums which have been filled with concrete - I wish I knew who and when. What resourceful bunnies we are.
    As for darning socks - thank goodness socks are no longer darnable. [Unless you know someone who still knits them.]
    As for the interesting article - interesting. Worth a closer look when I've more time. Bookmarked.

  3. Wow! I'm SO onto that stick shed!! Perfect for my blog - now, if only I could teletransport myself into Victoria to check it out ...

  4. You've provided us with the equivalent of Forrest Gump's 'box of chocolates' - quite a selection and 'you never know what you're going to get.'

  5. Thanks, EC.
    Apparently us humans like to keep the pecking order going...with someone always worse off than ourselves.

    Ta, FC, I'll have a look online, that sounds like a great building lol.

    With your ever-trusty camera, too, Red !

    Hope none of the bits gave you cavities, Kath :P

  6. I heard about the stick shed today, probably at the same place you did. I wondered about Dunolly's, but it is gone. They were not meant to last, but it is good that some have lasted long beyond their planned years.

  7. Golden rule for austerity shopping - buy only the things you really need and at the time you really need them...." yes I think I have gotten better at this, still room for improvement though lol. I found that article interesting.

    The Murtoa stick building is amazing, so glad that they are restoring that, amazing how a simple design can still remain largly intact, yet over here in New Zealand, we have a crapload of leaky homes here of modern design due to materials and builders cuttinbg corners.

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