Monday, September 26, 2011

Careful, those lycra bike shorts could put an eye out!

Well, how was your weekend?
We trundled about on our bikes - the tandem trike and a couple of folding bikes we bought for the boys to wend their way all over Dunolly Cycle Tracks sans Shanks Pony (cos V/Line aren't happy people when a passenger dares to take a bicycle on board their trains and buses unless it' a fold up jobby in a bag *rolls eyes*) and the weather was just gorgeous to boot.
Washing whipped into shape by the wind, the hubby whipped into shape by the minor itsy-bitsy incline *snort* and the Feral teen rediscovered some of his balance on the bike with only a tiny fall.

Here are the long promised photos of the tandem trike...yes, I finally grabbed the camera while we had it out yesterday.
This is Tiger inspecting the air pressure in the tyres.
Or maybe the curious smells of roadkill.


This is another angle of the beast *snort*
Just ignore the rampant weeds in the background, the dreadful woman who lives here hasn't pulled her finger (or weeds) out of late :p

And, as I took pity on you all, there are no shots of any lycra bike shorts.


  1. Hope you all had your bike helmets on didn't see any in the photos. Bonza tandem bike all the same :-).

  2. The helmets were firmly on our noggins, Windsmoke! ;)

  3. I'm very glad you didn't include any photos of lycra bike shorts. They are firmly associated with speedos and Mr Rabbit in what passes for my mind.
    Loved the tandem. And my father said if it grows well it is a weed, and I sadly fear he was right.

  4. Man I am loving your tandem trike that rocks!!! I feel it needs some ribbons on it or a chopper flag ay the back of the cart....I am quite envious. Here in Welly the trainline has gone the same way about bikes, once upon a time they were great with them being on trains now they prefer the folded bikes.

  5. Which one of you rides the tandem trike? I"m not sure I'd like to ride such a thing whoever sits in the back would probably put their feet up while I did all the pedalling.

  6. I enlarged the photo to check out your moggie ..... eerily similar in colour to one that, um, well ..... see my blog.....

  7. I get the back seat, feet up and a supply of goodies just behind me in the carrier thank you very much!

  8. Yep, EC, the weeds are a speciality we grow here lol.

    It's silly, Janine, as trains could slap on an extra carriage for bikes (or something).

    Hubby and I ride it, River, sometimes Feral teen and hubby, with hubby in the front (and I may or may not have my feet up at the rear *snort*)

    I shall wander over for a read, Kath lol.

    I like the way you think, Elizabeth, I'll tell hubby and see what he says LOL (you'll probably hear him from your place lol).

  9. I guess it's that time of the year Down Under whilst the rest of the world get ready for the winter!