Thursday, September 22, 2011

Dig up your pennies and sell the hubby's tools...

Just opposite the Ballarat railway station there is a delightful double storey pub beckoning someone with a paintbrush and a little imagination to make merry with it.
The Provincial Hotel also happens to be on the market.
Anyone wanna buy it for me?

Can I tempt you with any number of 4 other pubs in the Ballarat region currently up for grabs?
The Royal Mail Hotel.
The City Oval Hotel and Lake Inn Motel.

The Meredith Country Hotel.

The Elaine Railway Hotel.

Or could I tempt you with Footer's Mansion in Dunolly?

Maybe the old Telegraph Office in Dunolly?

How about the old Gold Office in Dunolly?

Failing that....what do you say to a cuppa tea...?


  1. Heard on the news this morning that Fosters has been sold to Miller in the U.K. another Aussie Icon bites the dust, so i'll settle for a cuppa :-(.

  2. May I please have an english brekkie with milk, no sugar thanks. I bought scones to go with our cuppa. Off to look at the real estate in this post.

  3. right had a look at those links, wow those prices are pretty good. I thought the houses would be more for some reason. My fav out of the houses was Footers Mansion. For the hotels I preferred the interior of the city oval for the exterior the one opposite the railway station, the Provincial.

  4. Couldn't give lover boys Tool away. been bent awhile.

  5. Ooooh I'd love to own a piece of historic Ballarat. Note to self: must buy a lottery ticket....

  6. Cuppa tea'd be luvverly, ta. Sugar, no milk.
    How much do they want for the Footers Mansion?

  7. The Pub in my town is for sale. Its about 40kms out of Ballarat. It was only sold about 2 yrs ago and its up for sale again,says something about our town and the pub.. In the ten yrs I have lived here I have never been there. I'll take the cuppa thanks..

  8. Sounds a trife old hat and boring, like bullock carts and sweaty warm water and no sex.

  9. Rosemary, Iv'e been standing at ease waiting for the pretty drill sergeant To call me to "Attention".

  10. I'd happily take the Footer Mansion except it's got too many stories. Getting time to find a one floor place. I foresee the day my knees won't want to do stairs.