Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Food, food, and even more food...with some gratuitous nudity

So, I'm still breathing (hush you up the back groaning in disappointment) and back after another great weekend up in Dunolly.
The food was delish in all the eateries - The Royal Hotel, The Dunolly Bakery, Dodson's Fish 'n' Chips - and the indomitable Dunolly SES had their regular BBQ going during the Dunolly Sunday Market, serving up scrummy snags, egg and bacon sangas, burgers, etc.
Yes, it's all about mah tummy.

Read in the local newspaper, The Welcome Record, about Dunolly-based Unique Mumma's Preserves which had recently won two bronze medals at the 2011 Fine Food Awards and then had the pleasure of meeting one of the hard working gourmet chefs behind the super delectable preserves at the Market.
Free taste samples were on offer and it took less than a teaspoon to convince me to invest in a jar each of the award-winning blueberry and blackberry jams.
Had a jar of their mocha chocolate been available (it's made to order) the Feral Teen would have snaffled it up with his own pocket money.
Go click the link and order some of their fabulous preserves!

Slept funny on my neck on Friday night - you know what I mean, you wake up with a neck feeling like someone inserted an iron rod sideways into it - so I'm having a wickedly wild day of parking la arse and researching more Dunolly history online.
From une couch.
Yes, I'm lapsing into schoolgirl French.
It may be the anti-inflammatories mixing with anti-depressants.
What can I say, I'm happy to be a guinea pig to trial these important ground breaking studies, mais oui.

I've loosened the over-the-shoulder-boulder-holder straps so it's not carving rail tracks into my shoulders but, rest assured, although gravity is proving a hard task master I draw the line at going free range.
Unlike the Nude Blacks rugby team.
And we won't discuss the possibilityof going commando.
Even if Kelley has Sans Pants Fridays.


  1. What a weird thing the internet is. I go from searching to hear the noise a currawong makes, to searching for more information on nude black rugby.

  2. Rhubarb & Ginger Jam..that sounds interesting.

    I will not comment on the nude rugby
    : ) I will admit to opening the link and that's all.

  3. A Lady need not know French but she should at least forgotten it.

  4. I hardly know how to comment on this post - LOL - food, nudity, boob straps, history researching, sore necks....!

  5. I have to click on that link for preserves, I love seeing what flavours people come up with. I once bought a jar of rhubarb and raspberry jam at a beach fair and haven't seen it since. It was so yummy!
    I hope the neck feels better very soon.
    Which I can't write in French because I hated the French teacher, so never learned any.

  6. River, One tongue is sufficient for a woman.
    Silence makes a woman beautiful, yet women like silent men.
    They think they are listening.