Friday, September 9, 2011

Goin' up the country...

Years ago....decades (closer to a few million) a good friend of mine was killed on his motorbike and they played his most favourite song at his funeral.
Canned Heat Going Up The Country.
Everytime we group of friends hear it we automatically smile and think of Mark and his mad love for the bush.
So, today I'm borrowing Mark's song for Dunolly.
Cos I'm gunna leave this city and the water mightn't exactly taste like wine but the fresh air is intoxicating and you can stay drunk all the time.


  1. What a lovely tribute to your friend. And you are right - the video was a hoot.
    Have a wonderful trip away.

  2. Have a wonderful relaxing time Ro xoxo

  3. Funny how the song just popped right into my head. I wonder where these guys are now?

    Enjoy your time in the bush. Things make more sense when you can hear yourself think.

  4. I used to love that song, but totally had forgotten about it. Why do we forget the things we loved?

  5. Resurrected Loves lost and forgotten, create present loves to become lost and forgotten.

    Naval quotation.

    Do right; fear god
    Honour the King.
    Do right don't write,
    Fear no woman.