Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Happy birthday, Dad

Today is my Dad's 88th birthday.
I'm waving a cheerio to him upstairs as I type this cos I know the cheeky bugger would be his usual cheery self, welcoming all and sundry to any party.
I miss him a lot.
Some days I still catch myself thinking,
"Oh, I should tell Dad....Dad would love to read that...I bet Dad would know...I'll buy that for Dad..."

Years ago Dad used to enjoy a semi-regular Sunday roast at the Royal Hotel at Dunolly; I know he'd love how the new owner, Karen, has brought it back to life and he'd be there for a regular meal every day it is open.

Dad loved Dunolly and would have moved up there in a heartbeat if his health hadn't become so difficult.
So, everytime Feral Teen and I journey up to delightfully, dazzling Dunolly I feel like we're bringing Dad with us, commenting between ourselves on how Dad would like this or that, how he admired this and that, soaking up the very essence that makes the town so wonderful knowing Dad was happy there, too.

Happy birthday, Dad xxxx


  1. *hugs* Is good to indulge in the happy memories.

  2. It's a pity that he wasn't just ten years younger and could have moved to and experienced more of Dunolly.

  3. The great memories mean he's still with you. Have a wonderful day and a drink (or two!) for him!

  4. Awww... great that he is so lovingly included in your visits. THinking of him up here too.

  5. How lovely to remember someone you loved dearly. they are always a part of you , they never go away.
    I vaguely remember my dad who would now be 121 if he had not left us when he was 39 and I was just four.
    Rosemary and I are proud parents of five sons 44 to 56.

  6. I think it's sweet how you remember your dad and his memories of Dunolly.

  7. I think that's the best legacy you can leave be kept in the hearts of your children, and grandchildren for as long as their hearts beat. Your memory fades from the world when there is no one left that remembers you, and then you are really, REALLY gone.

  8. What a great post, this made me smile. Dunolly will always be his special place and always in your memories. How is puss today? Animals are so in tune with us humans and at least she has now ventured out of your dad's room. Glad you have had warmer weather, we had a few days of it and now the crap wind and wet weather is back. Am jealous that you were looking for jandels already lol. Thanks for your email, will reply to that today. Just catching up on blogs.

  9. Happy Birthday Ro's Dad :) Celebrate the wonderful times you had together.. live it, and don't be sad :)