Sunday, September 4, 2011

Historical babbling

So, I trotted over to Chaddy with him Indoors and had a small good time.
Apart from the multitudes of bodies bumping and grinding their way all over the shop.
But they weren't so bad with Him Indoors (built like the brick proverbial) pushing a shopping jeep in front and moi whacking ankles with mah lil white stick.

Amazingly when the shopping jeep was chockers and Him Indoors got a good head of steam up (thanks to moi pushing him along from behind as I held on for him to guide me) the great unwashed scattered even more quickly; I briefly considered that they might actually be able to calculate weight : power ratio but the slack-jaws, glazed eyes disproved there was much brain activity, so I put it down to the sudden urge to eat, pee or procreate.

Who decides when the new seasons fashion hits the shelves?
No, I haven't suddenly become a fashion pony...unless you count thongs.
Thongs = the Aussie footwear, not the butt crack flossing thang.
I could find kids thongs and mens thongs but no chickybabe thongs.
It's been warm and sunny for several weeks now, despite the damn calendar stating that we were supposedly in Winter.
Don't they look out the window and see birdies doin' their thing with nests?
The bees bumbling about with their arses all bright yellow in the air?
The stray cat yeowlling on my front porch promising she'll love me good long time for fiddy dolla...?
And the number one sure sign that spring/summer has arrived....
I have my first seasons blisters on the back of my heel.
Hence my sudden interest in fashion trends and footwear.

I have no idea why but Him Indoors is pointing out Billy Mumy on Star Trek ("Danger, Will Robinson! Danger, danger!" in my best robot from Lost In Space impersonation) so I must away and look suitably impressed (or trot off to bed and dream about Q starring in Torchwood).


  1. It was working for me until you wrote Billy Mumy and Star Trek in the same sentence.

  2. Thongs = the Aussie footwear, not the butt crack flossing thang.
    Now there's a picture...

  3. Those were the days watching Lost in Space in the afternoon after school especially the cowardly Dr. Smith and the Robot :-).

  4. You get blisters just because it's spring?? That's odd.

    I remember Lost In Space and always wanted to smack that stupid Dr. Smith. I often wondered why they didn't just take off without him sometimes, leave him in whatever mess he'd got himself into and zip off to another planet.

  5. Oh, Andrew, don't tell me Captain Picard never did it for you? :P

    A frightful picture, Fruitcake lol.

    Ahhh, fun times in those arvos after school, Windsmoke ;)

    First time you ditch the socks, River, and shoes rub on the back of the heel, blistering then healing and creating a callus so one can go all summer in sandals and shoes sans socks!

  6. Butt crack flossing. Reminds me of a story. In one of my previous prestigious jobs, I was taking orders. My company sold 'granny panties', the white cotton high waisted things. An elderly lady called in and ordered a couple packages, saying how glad she was to find a place that still sold regular panties. "Have you seen those thongs?" she asked in her crackly old lady voice. I did not know how to answer, since I sensed the conversation heading down a road I did not want to go. She exclaimed, "I've spent my whole life pulling my underwear out of the crack of my ass, and now they're trying to sell me stuff that's SUPPOSED to be there..." Oh, my gosh. I hung up the phone and howled. Fell right across my desk and laughed till the tears rolled.