Friday, September 16, 2011

The Junction Hotel, Rachel's blog and On This Day In Australian History

The Feral offspring and moi go for a great many walks when up in Dunolly, this last weekend we managed to have a wander and found the old Junction Hotel.
Click on the images for a bigger picture to eyeball.



On the door was a note stating that it was a private home but that the owner hoped to soon reopen this marvellous building for concerts and musical soirees.
In the ballroom.
We was excited!
Well, I was excited, the teen offspring was politely impressed.

So, I tootled about online and found Rachel's blog, written by the great chickybabe who is the new owner - actually, I've never clapped eyes on her but as she's into classical music, Gilbert and Sullivan, heritage buildings and has the gumption to buy a pub after love at first sight, she's my kind of people.

On this day in 2009 The Vancouver Province reported on Clyde the cat who'd gone for a bit of a trek through the outback...for 3 years.
Bet he had a ball with the humungous kitty litter tray out there...

Papua New Guinea realised its independence from The Fair Isle of Oz - with nary a drop of blood dripped -  with the lowering of the Aussie flag and the raising of the PNG flag in its place in 1975.

The first girlie to climb Mt Cook, Freda Du Faur, was hatched on this date in 1882.
She dazzled in her sensible shoes, too.


  1. A soiree! Break out the Royal Doulton.

  2. Wow weeeee I just read Rachel's blog entries. What a purchase. I loved the idea of high teas and musis soriee's. What a gem that place will be. Interesting response from some of the locals though.

  3. "...nary a drop of blood dripped."
    Are you sure? Maybe they cleaned up with a "shamwow".
    No drip, no mess, no proof you killed...hey, Dexter could use one of those!

  4. Technically speaking we don't have an outback. You Aussies talk funny!