Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Just a few quickies...

Have a gander at the gorgeous building about to go the way of the Dodo.
Follow the photo link HERE.

Now, when you've finished drooling over the stunningly lovely yet neglected building that is Halcyon Hall, have a read of its history HERE.

Closer to home the reconstruction of the Toorourrong Reservoir (try saying that twenty times with your teeth out) continues with the heritage-listed stones being replaced after the repairs were carried out.

Demolition of historic stables - OOPS!

Gold bars, they are a'pourin' 'em in Castlemaine.

Yes, the increased numbers of bums on seats and strap-hangers proves rail travel is the way to go for country Victoria.
Increase the infrastucture already.

Am currently reading an op shop find (for a whole bank-breaking $1) The Illustrated Book of Infamous Australian Crimes and was interested in The Mad Dentist of Wynyard Square.
Lisa at Timespanner pointed out a post she had written about the Kinder House with references to a biography written about Maria Ellen Kinder, the femme fatale whose lover murdered her husband.

Am working my way through the murders and infamous killers so...I'll get back to you....


  1. Halcyon Hall is just gorgeous. Wow. A shame to lose a building like that.

  2. What a queer building is Halcyon Hall. I had never heard of Too....Tour.....To, that reservoir. Interesting. The train passenger stats are astonishing.

  3. Hi Jayne,
    The photo of Halcyon Hall looks like the sort of thing that would inspire a great yarn.
    How odd that so much of something so grand was timber.

    As for the dentist, well, he obviously believed that nothing in the world can take the place of persistence.

  4. What? You mean there's a piece of our heritage going begging because there's not enough $$ left?? That can't be right ... I must have misunderstood!!

    Can't wait to hear more about the infamous crimes - or at least what the author thought was infamous ...

  5. Halcyon Hall would have been so grand in it's day, what a shame that it has been left to ruin. I can't believe in a country so big that they wouldn't have made an effort to preserve this building. Imagine being at school there, I bet it had some fantastic hiding places. Whoo hoo for Ballarat and gold again, sounds like a lot of hard work but wow the company have turned it around.

    Gor blimey no wonder that scandel made the news back then, nasty business that. But heck the fact it took three attempts to kill him speaks volumes lol

  6. I want to host a "How to host a Murder" party there.