Friday, September 23, 2011

On yer bike!

Been out and about, tripping merrily here, there and all over the shop and have collected a few stories to keep you entertained for about 5 minutes.
But for a good giggle I managed to get the hubby on the tandem trike yesterday, am about to launch ourselves on the unsuspecting public again shortly, eek! Went around the block again just now and did a minor hillclimb and am now knackered.
But not quite as knackered as yesterday lol.

Seems the iconic Fletcher Jones gardens are, sadly, a thing of the past while the brand spanking new Warrnambool Hospital looks pretty adventurous and interesting.

Did you know Walter Burley Griffin designed things to destroy things?
Neither did I but the only one in Victoria looks like a good 'un.

More info and details on the proposed interiors for heritage protection (yes, that was me purring you could hear) while over in the MidEast they've tripped over some fabulous new stone structures.

And we are decended from root rats.


  1. gives new meaning to the phase, "on ya bike"......well done on the progress and ugh at hill climbs!!

  2. It wasn't until AFTER we bought some bicycles we realised how hilly Frankston really is. Of course, so close to the sea it should have been obvious. Now we know why bicycles are also known as 'push bikes'.

  3. Did they end up redoing those gorgeous seventies/eighties interiors at Hamer Hall? They were sublime.

  4. Gosh, that 30,000 year old tooth is in much better condition than most of mine which are quite a bit younger....

    You couldn't get me on a push bike for all the gold in Fort Knox, not for wads of real cash either.

  5. Tandem trike? Is that 3 wheels altogether, 4 wheels, or 6? When I first got back into riding, I actually got myself a folding bike so that I could drive to the park, ride on the bike path for a while, and not have to worry about exhausting myself. But seems like you might have a good idea there too - with two people on the bike, do you do half as much pedaling? Never tried it myself.

  6. They're only tiny hills, Janine, so it's not so much the great achievement it sounds lol.

    LOL Fruitcake.

    Sorry, Scott, I don't know :(

    Garn, River, you know you wanna :P

    Chris, it's like a regular tandem bike but with the double trike rear end (and a dinly lil basket that might fit half a pint of milk) ;)