Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Oops, she's on the loose in amongst the pots and pans!

I've been racketting about in the kitchen the past few weeks.
Danger, Danger, Matt Preston!!

Since the Meniere's diagnosis I've been trying to avoid as much salt as am now making up my own spice mixes WITHOUT added salt, sugar, caking/coating agents, numbers of additives, colours and preservatives.

Whizzed up some Kaffir lime leaves with dessicated coconut in the blitzer, added some cayenne pepper and voila!
A great sprinkle for marinades and salads.
Whizzed up some dried garlic, peppercorns, sesame and coriander seeds for another cooking mix to throw over baking vegies.
Another couple of pre-filled grinders (almost/completely empty but sitting on the shelf waiting for my attention lol) had the ingredients listed on the side - I refilled with them with the ingredients sans the extra sugars, salts, flavours, and every number from 1 to 1000.

Have started making my own sauce/jellies today (something I've done off and on over the years but now I'm really keen to do it more to avoid the 'bonus' extras) - currently have some mint jelly cooling on the stove and am about to whip up some lime and ginger jelly for sangas, cold meats, or salads.
These homemade sauces/jellies won't last for ever and a day like the store bought stuff but as I'm making them up in small amounts they'll get used quickly without any waste and are easily replaced with a new batch.
And I'll finally get around to making Elizabeth's Red Pepper Jelly at long last!

I'm hoping to make some homemade cordials for Summer as we're getting a glut of limes on the tree, not to mention the glut of beautiful Aussie-grown oranges in the fruit shops; whip it up, mix with water through the Soda Stream and voila!


  1. These are all sounding delicious. Even my mother, who could barely cook, used to at least make her own mint sauce and own mayonnaise. A glut of oranges? How come then that all our bottled juice is still being made from, 'local and imported ingredients'?

  2. oh my gosh that lime and coconut and pepper sounds fantastic!! What a great idea making your own. So simple and effective. I am wanting to do some preserves I feel like I am geting all Mrs Beeton when it comes to wanting to take a step back and make things from scratch. Oh yum at the cordials.....

  3. Yummo limes, I am drooling at the thought. At our local shop they are 75c each for dry and wizened ones. Not on the shopping list as a result. That lime, coconut and pepper does indeed sound wonderful.
    We make tomato preserves and pickles in plenty.

  4. You put the lime in the coconut and drink it all up....

    I bought a Carribean cookbook once, because I liked the gorgeous pictures, and made a "jerk" rub to put on meats before barbecueing them.
    The stuff was 95% salt!!! But delicious.

  5. Did you like it? I made it with Red Sheppard peppers this year and will look for them for my next batch.