Monday, September 5, 2011

Purrrrfect weather

Am sitting here with elderly feline sprawled in relative comfort across my lap.
Because, of course, this is what Stupid Pink Monkeys were put on this earth be at the beck and call of the Feline Gods and Goddesses.
The Ancient Egyptians were obviously in their good books as they had it right and the pusskins have been working on getting back to that status ever since.
It may or may not involve world domination as a side bonus.

This elderly kitteh is coming to the end of her life.
She was very attached to my Dad and, after a lifetime of hiding away in his room, she has ventured out to the loungeroom since Dad's death to be with her Stupid Pink Monkeys.
Cos she is lonely.
She has a few infections and renal failure, we're still waiting to hear about the cancer test and she's very clingy.
Cos she knows.

For a feline sworn to loathe dogs she has managed to develop a blindspot just about where her backside snuggles up to the backside of the doggie furbaby when each is curled up on the couch.
They can roll almost on top of each other in their sleep but Goddess forbid they should make eye contact cos that's when the feline has to get all snarly and hissy.
Of course the canine furbaby backs down.
Cos she's a gentle gal and can sense the pusskin isn't a well kitteh.

So, I'm parked on my arse, watching rubbish TV, researching Dunolly history online while the elderly feline sprawls in lap-luxury with in-built heating from her Stupid Pink Monkey, scratches behind the ear with the acceptable level of adoration.
And the odd dried fishie treat.

I may be busy for awhile.. the boss has me flat out like a lizard drinking....meow.


  1. The old saying that 'dogs have masters while cats have servants' is nearly right. In fact cats have slaves. Willing slaves (mostly) but slaves nonetheless.

    It sounds as if elderly feline is doing pretty well considering. Sending good wishes your way.

  2. You are providing a warm sleeping place. I consider this a successful day. ;-)

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  4. For me Doggone and Pussy too.

  5. It's funny how they "know".
    I hope the elderly goddess has a peaceful ending without too much pain, without any pain at all would be better. I'm glad she has you to provide the comfy lap and the odd fishy treat.