Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A recipe of September 20 I slapped together just for you

Well, after yesterday's early Summery warmth the winds turned wild (wilder then they'd been all day) and whipped up a storm with a sound and light show that went on all night.
My neighbour tells me it went on all night as I was dead to the world and dealt with wild winds of another sort as the furbaby dog merely farted her way through the wee hours under my doona.
Global warming = Dutch ovening from my dog.

Anyway, I digress, as always, have you seen what they want to do to the grand old South Melbourne Town Hall?
Yes, they wish to paint it red.
Why not go the whole hog and try for purple, white and green stripes, then claim it as an historical recognition of the suffragette movement? (/sarcasm).

The fabulous Sister Elizabeth Kenny was pupped on this day in dear old Oz, she of the 'controversial' polio treatment fame which later proved to be spot on.
Typical, like most shelias the men weren't listening to her when they should have been *rolls eyes*
Thought you'd like to read this article on 'our' Sister Kenny, good to see she's still held in regard in USA.

A lengthy but great article on saving Macquarie Island from our history of introduced pests, slaughter, bother and general annoyance HERE.

Oh, oh, oh!
FINALLY historic building interiors are up for heritage protection along with the facades!
Via the City of Melbourne at least.
We can work on the rest of the country bit by bit, like Chinese water torture water dripping on a stone we can wear down futile resistance.

Wasn't sure if you'd care more for the fact that the Australian Flying Corps (forerunner of the RAAF) was slapped together on this day in 1912 or that AC/DC's album Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap was released in Oz in 1976...

The Paroo River Wetlands were recognised as a site of significance in 2007....
Not quite how dear old Harry saw it back in 1893 *snort*
The Paroo by Henry Lawson
It was a week from Christmas-time,
As near as I remember,
And half a year since, in the rear,
We'd left the Darling timber.
The track was hot and more than drear;
The day dragged out for ever;
But now we knew that we were near
Our camp - the Paroo River.
With blighted eyes and blistered feet,
With stomachs out of order,
Half-mad with flies and dust and heat
We'd crossed the Queensland border.
I longed to hear a stream go by
And see the circles quiver;
I longed to lay me down and die
That night on Paroo River.

The "nose-bags" heavy on each chest
(God bless one kindly squatter!),
With grateful weight our hearts they pressed -
We only wanted water.
The sun was setting in a spray
Of colour like a liver -
We'd fondly hoped to camp and stay
That night by Paroo River.
A cloud was on my mate's broad brow,
And once I heard him mutter:
'What price the good old Darling now? -
God bless that grand old gutter!"
And then he stopped and slowly said
In tones that made me shiver:
"It cannot well be on ahead -
I think we've crossed the river."
But soon we saw a strip of ground
Beside the track we followed,
No damper than the surface round,
But just a little hollowed.
His brow assumed a thoughtful frown -
This speech did he deliver:
"I wonder if we'd best go down
Or up the blessed river?"

"But where," said I, " 's the blooming stream?'
And he replied, 'we're at it!"
I stood awhile, as in a dream,
"Great Scott!" I cried, "is that it?
Why, that is some old bridle-track!"
He chuckled, "Well, I never!
It's plain you've never been Out Back -
This is the Paroo River!"


  1. Those winds were damn wild yesterday . That is a great old yarn too.
    I am always amazed by the history your dig up , I am enjoying reading history as we go along our travels.The men and women who shaped the nation.

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  3. How gross!! a dog farting under the duvet(doona). Isn't there a man about the house to take on that job. A P.

  4. I remember a movie about Sister Elizabeth Kenny, I wish I could remember what it was called. Anybody out there know? Please?
    A remarkable woman she was, the way she kept pushing her treatment, just think how many people would be living without crutches, braces or wheelchairs if the men had only listened to her.

  5. The Winds along the OZ East Central Coast are pure and sweet; except those wafting over our back fence emenating from the minefield of Bow Wow's Calling Cards.

  6. So what's wrong with RED??????

    For River, the excellent 1946 movie, starring Rosalind Russell was called 'Sister Kenny' - here's the wiki refence URL http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elizabeth_Kenny