Thursday, September 1, 2011

Viva la Ding Ding!

Exciting news has landed in my inbox today and I thought I'd share the babble with you.
Cos it keeps me out of mischief.
And keeps you from poking me with a sharp pointy stick.

New retro double decker trams for Hong Kong.

And Tassie Tigers were framed.
It was really the Norwegian Blue.
Or the One Armed Bandit.

Rather unimpressed that the NYC firemen and police aren't invited to the 10th anniversary on September 11.

And to finish up - Ned Kelly's bones were identified.
But he's still missing his head.


  1. I agree with you about the unimpressedness. If, a NYC policeperson or fireperson was killed their families are invited. No room at the inn otherwise. Not right. Wrong even.

  2. Very wrong, EC.
    I'd say boot out all the unneccessary dignitaries, didn't see them shoulder the burdan on the day.

  3. Well that was interesting reading, oh the scandel of Dunolly being booted out of the final, what a shocker. How frustrating for the team and of course it begs the question, who dobbed them in.

    Ned made the news over here last night and the head thing is a shame. Hope they can find that and he gets a decent burial.

    As for the NYC fireman and Police and ambos do get to attend. Thats a slap in the face. Disgusting....

  4. They talk about burying Ned with dignity now - but what's dignified about the 'Bread Tin Ned' I uncovered at Jerilderie??!!

  5. Bread Tin Ned, Red?
    I'm all a'twitter with curiosity, now!

  6. One beautiful sunny day, we caught the car ferry over to Kowloon
    and drove to Castle Peak Bay, where I parked under a tree, the shadiest spot available.
    As we were leaving, I was presented with a parking ticket.
    It wasn’t a huge amount. The following week when we arrived again, I found the Governor General’s car parked in the exact same spot. I approached the Chinese policeman who spoke English, and asked why this car didn’t have a ticket.
    He replied, "“Very important man".”
    I said, “So am I.”
    "“Your car not look as important as this car",” he said.
    So I took a picture of said oriental genius with the Governor General’s ‘Very Important’ car and sent it to the Hong Kong traffic people, along with a note indicating that my money would be forthcoming when they had provided proof that the Governor General had paid his fine. I never
    heard from them.
    Our XX511 Ford Prefect had never been in an accident in eighteen
    months. After we sold it, however, it failed to stop after leaving from high in the Peak and travelling fast down Garden road. It then pranged a large green tram that was coming from Wan Chai, and was subsequently written off. That sad incident occurred two days before our family flew
    back to England. On hearing the news Rosemary said “What a shame; I really loved that car”. I replied. “Darling it must have loved us too, it just could not live without us". By the way, the driver survived.
    Memoirs of Vest.1962-1964.

  7. The Hong Kong Ding Dings.
    The original trams were replaced in about 1950? The new - now old green trams were shipped out from Liverpool U/K, Where they had been in service for many years, sad ennit.
    My family lived for two years at 17 Bremer house. Harcourt place in wongneichong rd which circled the Happy Valley race course, we were the first tenants, Sadly the building was demolished and replaced by something more grander about 1998.