Sunday, September 18, 2011

While wandering about the wilderness euphemistically called my backyard...

Well, I was going to post about how the Aussie doctor John Bannister tried to revive the great Jimi Hendrix on this date in 1970, how Nat Geo reported in 2007 that the last speaker of an extinct Aboriginal language was found, that in 2008 hundreds of new divers coral and marine critters were tripped over on the Great Barrier Reef, and even that the great Johnny Famechon became Australian Featherweight Champion in 1964....

Except that the chooks kinda distracted me.
They climbed up into a vegie patch and managed to oh-so-carefully unearth a decent sized spud and then left it sitting smack bang on top of their pile of scratched dirt for me to find.
See? They contribute to the hunting and gathering.
Sort of.

The ravens have been fair rotten buggers this spring; one in particular has been hanging about, waiting for the gerls to lay their bum nuts then they swoop in and make merry with their beaks on the shells before gobbling up the golden yolks.
And shows no consternation at my presence.
In fact it struts smugly about in front of me as if to shrug and smirk at the silly pink money squawking at it.
I obviously don't squawk Raven-ese very well.
While we were at the Dunolly Caravan Park several ravens made off with the newly hatched bubba ducks; mind you it didn't help that the Mamma didn't give a duck, either.

Now I've discovered a self-seeded fruit tree.
At first I thought it had travelled through the usual ring of fire torture that is my chickens innards but as it is a Apricot tree I winced in sympathy at the thought of passing a stone that big without an epidural.

And now I must go rescue a Jedi Knight which is about to be buried, along with Optimus Prime and a stray Dalek, in a dustbowl amidst yellow chook legs....


  1. Thank you. I needed this chuckle. And I smiled (and then winced at my callousness) at the mama not giving a duck.
    Interesting tastes your chooks have though. I expect daleks and jedi knights are an acquired taste.

  2. Thanks for the laughs! No self-seeded treeling will ever look the same again.

  3. Ravens look scary, but they don't attack like maggies. They would be among the most intelligent birds I think. I saw one today having munchies from a road kill ring tail. It knew exactly when to hop off the road when cars were coming.

  4. Love the title. I have one of those sort of backyards, minus things like chooks and ravens. But the tuis are coming more often!

  5. Lol an apricot blooming heck.....that would make ones eyes water. Bloody ravens aye. I did have a wee giggle at ANdrew's comment and how they knew when to get off the road.

  6. What clever chookens you have Jayne, digging up your spuds for you, now if you could only train them to pick and shell the peas too...
    Can you lock up the chooks for a day or so and put out fake eggs for the raven? That might discourage him in the future?

    I discovered a self-seeded apricot under a daisy bush once, 6 inches tall, I transplanted it to a pot, when it was a metre and a half I gave it to the community garden.

  7. You have far more fun with your backyard than I have with mine.

    Maybe I need to get some chickens.
    (won't the neighbours just love that)