Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Yet another post babbling about food.

I swear there are very few times now that I regret no longer being able to drive but over the weekend, when faced with truck loads of beautifully fresh, ripe and Dunolly-locally grown fruit and vege, that was one of those times.
When we walked past the stalls at the Dunolly Market and the heady perfume of fresh, flavoursome tomatoes wafted about us we almost salivated.
Well, maybe that was only me.
Feral Teen keeps saying how weird I am.

Same with the delicious scent of fresh pumpkins, apples, strawberries and the bunches of rhubarb...!
The last was variously priced on different stalls, starting from 50 cents per bunch of ruby red, sweet stalks oozing images of bowls filled with perfectly stewed rhubarb swimming in dollops of whipped cream/scoops of vanilla ice cream, topped with apple crumble.

The same goes for the splendid foods from the butcher, Dunolly Quality Meats.
The tuna and salmon patties, lamb cutlets, snags, hamburgers and vegie burgers we've bought then BBQ-ed in Dunolly's Gordon Gardens (on free BBQs, thank you very much) were full of rich, natural flavours.
And at a fraction of the price that is charged in Melbourne.

There is only so much one can stow in the tuckerbag (apologies to the swagman of Waltzing Matilda fame but no way did he fit a jumbuck in there without putting out an eye or his back) so the Spouse is jumping on the train and bus to Dunolly soon to buy up some delicious meat at the Dunolly butchers and, later, he'll be stowing some of that fresh fruit and vege in his own tuckerbag backpack at the next Dunolly Market.

Can you hear how impatient I'm getting to move up to Dunolly?!

How far do you go out of your way for really fresh, flavour-filled food these days?
Or to enjoy a lovely meal?


  1. Real food. Yummo. I am so looking forward to putting tomatoes in the ground - but we are still getting frosts so I have to curb my patience. And rhubarb. Oh joy, oh bliss.

  2. Why is it that the best tasting produce is so far away?? I guess, like anything, it's consumer driven - so as long as people continue to buy the crap cardboard flavoured veggies from the large chains, that's what will be on offer!!

    Happy eating!!

  3. man oh man this post and your last one make me want to visit Dunolly. We have quite a few garden markets over the weekend which is great. we frequent the local butcher for our meat. But I think the fare you were faced with during your stay sounds heavenly.

  4. My present craving for good food was once my second most favourite ritual.

  5. Why haven't you already moved to Dunolly?
    I wish I had a Dunolly close by for real food buys.