Saturday, October 8, 2011

Hello, hello, who's your lady friend, who's the little girlie by your side...

I've been a little under the weather - understatement with hot flushes, dizziness and nausea running faster than a Bondi tram and more reliable than the Metro timetable - but, to quote Marika "I no com-plain".
Plus I'm creating a sensory blanket for a friend's young son and the Elderly Feline has been supervising, choosing the colours, the yarn, nagging me ever onward.

So, here we are, let's chat, shall we?
Have you heard of Bob the Railway Dog?
I hadn't until this article popped into my inbox; fab bit of history which will appeal to all.

The fox bounty is BACK!
About bloody time.
With an increased bounty for wild dogs.
Again, about bloody time.

If you gave the Royal Melbourne Show a miss - owing to cost, crowds, commercialism, etc (or the simple fact they wouldn't let you wear your spangled leotard and highwire outfit out in public) have a read about the Bendigo Show shortly to be on or go check out the regional (and a few in Melbourne suburbs) agricultural shows coming up in the calendar HERE.
 Can't guarantee they'll let you out dressed like that in public, either, cos you'd scare small children and old cat ladies but the crowds are smaller while the real grass roots of pastural and agricultural societies are still on show.
Think local CWA cakes hmmmmm, CWA scones hmmmmmm, hot cups of tea hmmmmm, embroidery to give your left arm for *drool*, knitting that would earn you a Masters Doctorate at Uni, crochet so fine you'd think elves and pixies wove it from spiderwebs in the Dawn's light....
Go, already!

Tra-la-la boom-de-day,
I fed the chooks today,
Listened to the neighbour bray,
Should've hitched her to the dray,
Then let her wildly stray,
And wave as she ran away....


  1. Two songs in my head now. Which one will nag me today. Tra-la-la boom de-ay, They took his pants away, And left him standing there, In his underwear.

    Have you heard of the Pichi Richi dog that paces the Pichi Richi steam train for about three kilometres?

  2. Hi Jayne,
    Seems Red Dog had a role model.

    The description of what is required to claim a fox bounty made me laugh. In Sydney in the late 19th C, I believe, a whole extended family was discovered manufacturing rat tails out of discarded pelts. I'm always impressed with resourcefulness.

    And thank you both for the tune and verses:)

  3. I vaguely remember reading about Bob the railway dog many years ago.
    The story warms my heart.

    The story reminds me also of T.S.Eliot's poem The Railway Cat.
    (That was T.S.Eliot wasn't it?)

  4. Hope you are feeling much better soon. Loved Bob the dog and also the image of the cat assistance you have been receiving. Thanks.

  5. Today I went to the CAMPERDOWN show! There wasn't much of the CWA ladies to see; and it appeared that every single category of the cooking, craft, flowers, writing, sewing, crochet and knitting was won by one of two ladies (the other came second). And apparently, there was almost fisticuffs over the egg judging (some disagreement with the judges from bystanders). Also the chick running the ute display nearly got lynched by someone who disagreed on her slightly moderate stand regarding live animal exports. (of course, this being the country, slightly moderate = feral, left and green in comparison to the died in the wool conservatives that lurk about that neck of the woods!)

  6. Haha!!! LOVE how Bob the dog travelled freely - like a politician!!!

    AND ... Andrew, I've SEEN the Pichi Richi dog! He greets the train as it loops around 'his' property and runs alongside like the hounds of hell are at his tail! Of course, he can't keep that pace for long - but he gives it a red hot go!!

  7. Enjoy the fact you are having your spring fairs as we close off the harvest season with our fall ones.

    I swear that 10 years on I'm still PMS ing.