Saturday, October 29, 2011

Hysterical Historical round up of stuffs

I'm not a huge one for watching sports stuff but this article plopped into my inbox - I had seen the previous news coverage of these lads on NITV with Deeks - and the review sounds like it's a good 'un to watch.
It'll be on mainstream TV (well, ABC is mainstream, isn't it?) on December 1, so mark your diaries.

So sad to read HERE of the controlled partial demolition of the Christ Church Cathedral - as a result of that dreadful earthquake - but they gotta do what they gotta do and have few options by the sound of things.

Debby was asking what the Murtoa Stick Shed was - here's another link HERE to showcase the magnificent old gal.

A demolished power station was honoured with being named as a national heritage landmark.
Go figure.
I'd rather they recognise the architect of the long-gone Yallourn Township and recreate his style.
Yeah, yeah, whistling in the wind...

The famous Rum Hospital - better known these days by the more PC title of Sydney Hospital - celebrates it's 200th birthday.
There will be an exhibition, a $1,000 nursing grant has been announced, history tours will be conducted and possibly someone may sneak some rum into the punch bowl...


  1. What a lovely story about Deek's support for young aboriginals. Should be more of it. Should be much more of it. And no, the ABC is not mainstream. Too full of chardonay swilling lefties.

  2. The Catholic Cathedral in Christchurch is also a magnificent building that is facing an uncertain future. I had a couple of great-grandfathers that donated to build it so feel like I have a personal interest:-) They have been saving all the 'bits' of stone etc, but nobody knows whether much can be retained or whether the building will have to be largely demolished.

  3. ABC December 1: noted in my diary, although tv programs are often changed at the drop of a het, so I'll have to keep my eye out for it.

    "It has been one of life's greta mysteries why so few Governments and fewer private citizens have failed to connect the dots when it comes to Aborigines and sport"
    A clue to this might be in the earlier paragraph.
    "....frustrated by the erratic behaviour of the boys and their reluctance to adjust to life at the Australian Institute of Sport".
    Sadly, this probably puts them in the "too hard" and/or "too expensive" basket. People are happy to spend time and money on athletes who "play the game" but those who require extra time and attention get pushed aside. Far too often.

  4. "drop of a het". Ha Ha, I'm a Kiwi suddenly!

  5. I'll be watching for the doco. It's already a great story.

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