Sunday, October 30, 2011

I need your dongle advice....

We are planning a week away with the Feral Teen near Christmas and, obviously, I can't check the gossip my emails or blog on my pre-paid itsybitsy teeny tiny phone.
I will have to drag the laptop along with us.
And I shall need to purchase myself a pre-paid dongle thingie whatsit.

What is the best one to get?
Remember, we'll be in the wilds of Central Victoria, in Dunolly.
So, I expect we'll need a super-dooper nuclear-powered dongle thingie whatsit.

Over to you, dear reader, what in your opinion is the best value for money?


  1. Hi Jayne, I'm no expert but nothing will be any use to you unless you are first certain the company has good service where you are going - e.g. Yea to Euroa to Shepp was once full of black spots, with telstra [ecchhh] the only option which occasionally had a signal. I've heard Optus now has fairly good coverage in those areas. So step one is to find out which services actually work.
    Next talk to your current mobile phone or internet service provider and you might get a good deal as a current customer. On the other hand, if you are with telstra, remember that 'telstra service' is a contradiction in terms. [can I get sued for saying that?]
    Don't know about costs, but we are totally optus, and whether i speak to someone in india or oz, they always give 110% to our [rare] service issues.
    Make sure the salesperson sets up your laptop software options so the doohickey is working before you buy/sign. [If they won't do that for you, it gives you an indication of their customer service standards.]
    Whatever you do, keep a diary of when the service is or isn't working in case you deserve a refund.
    Finally, I'm the least qualified to give advice...
    Enjoy your wild holiday!

  2. No use asking me lady , my dongle hasn't worked for some time now. I have been told it requires a large dosage of inspiration.

  3. Apparently Optus has a tower there, otherwise I'd say Telstra. I'd ring Optus and ask first though.

  4. um, haven't actually tested all the options available .. buut, far be it from me to recommend anything - did find that a telstra whatsit gave me coverage while sitting on a sandhill near Corny Point.

  5. (not a joke - Corny Point; South Australia. Might look close to 'civilisation' ... but wonderfully wild) ..

  6. I should think the big one is the only one that will give satisfactory coverage. Even though the map may indicate coverage, it is not necessarily so. You can get some modems, not sure if the pre paid is one of them, that have a short aerial that sticks up. Seems to usually be a lot better reception outside, which is ok if the weather is ok.Otherwise the Feral Teen will just have push you up onto the roof for reception. Oh yes, if you can find the right person to speak to at the big company, you'll be ok. (disclosure: Minor shareholder of almost worthless shares)

  7. Don't know nuthin' bout nobody's dongles but Tim's...and his ain't YOUR business, sister!!!!

  8. Thanks everyone.
    I'll give the Big Ones a call to discuss ;)

  9. Roll tiddly roll S--t or bust never let your dongle dingle in the dust.