Monday, October 10, 2011

A mixed grill with a side serve of salad, chips and steamed veg

So, I've been busy!
Welll, no, not really.
More parked on the 3 axe-handle-wide arse crocheting like a possessed she-devil (which some of you would say that I actually am *snort*) and reading my inbox bits.

The bits were quite interesting today!
Not the boring-as-bat-shyte-or-watching-paint-dry rubbish.

This Conversation with former PM Malcolm Fraser is an eye opener and amazing; explains why he cancelled his membership of the not-so-liberal Liberal Party.
I love his comment,
"If there were six Mandelas around today, a couple in Europe, one in America and in a couple of other places, there wouldn’t be any wars."
Hear, Hear!

Abbeyfield are looking to fundraise to build a community/group home for up to 12 aged residents in Castlemaine with proceeds from several open gardens this year going towards this project.
For more detailed info on these spectacular gardens, including Cole's Cottage which is built on the land E J Cole (of Coles Book Arcade fame) once owned and other stunning historic homes, read HERE.

Have a gander at this gorgeous former post office, now a B&B, in St Arnaud!
Isn't it splendid?!

Remember those floods that swept through country Victoria, roughly at the same time as the whole state of Queensland was under water?
Well, flood damage recovery continues, as it no doubt does up north, with the Newbridge Footy club finally able to demolish the debris.
Big deal, you  might say, but a footy club is often the heart of a small community and may sometimes be the only social outlet for most blokes, so it is a big deal.
Onya Newbridge!

Great looking new historical book review landed in my inbox, based on the science of weather and how it dictated the settlement of South Australia, titled Weather and the Science of Settlement.
I'd love to see this research spread out over the rest of this nation to show how the differing weather patterns controlled how us silly pink monkeys tried to tame the land...or not.
Even the BoM have a review up!

Castlemaine's Theatre Royal has an upcoming Continental Film Festival, if you're interested.
Plus, this blog has some amazing photos of in and around Castlemaine from this weekend (that bumper canola crop is the reason for your hayfever, by the way...pack tissues).

Great article here about Aboriginal stone arrangements that are linked to astronomical placements of the stars.
John Tully has written a book on the Mindye Stone Arrangement and has an extensive knowledge of the local Aboriginals of the Dunolly area.

And, this write up about a one-man play  about the Bodgy Creek Football Club has me intrigued to wanting to see it :)


  1. There was a time when In recent years I have been warming to him more and more. And a bit more again.

  2. Ahem* I've seen you and can definitely state that your arse is NOT 3 axe-handles wide.
    What are you crocheting?

    Now to go back and read the Malcolm Fraser thing....

  3. 1. Wow thank you for the link to Aboriginal Stonehenge!

    2. Are those axe handles at right angles to your sit-down-upon?

  4. Nothing wrong with a good crochet frenzy. Twelve year old Sapphire had just enjoyed a long bath last night, had her dressing gown on and out came her crochet hook as she worked on a scarf. "Mum, am I twelve or eighty?" she asked. I didn't care; she was happy!

  5. Like Elephant's Child, Malcolm almost seems human now. But I cannot forget some of the things he did as PM.

    How odd to learn something interesting about the Aboriginal stones at the BBC.

  6. Oh, were there floods in places other than Brisbane??

  7. What a great use for an old building.

  8. Same here, EC and Andrew, he was not high on our Chrissy card list until a few years back when he started talking sense (as my Dad put it) and shocked Dad by agreeing with him LOL.

    Crochet is definitely good for the soul, Kath and River (I'm making sensory blankies for kids on the Autistic Spectrum).

    It's amazing how many Aboriginal/historical news items about Australia get reported in overseas media yet not a whiff of it in our 'home grown' media. Hmmmm.

    LOL Red.

    Yep, Elizabeth, I love that (mainly in the country) these fab buildings get regularly recycled :)