Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A round up of odds and sods

Well, crikey Moses, Mother of God and Joseph the carpenter, it seems the Kat in the Hat, aka Bob Katter (or the Mad Katter as others dub him) is about to spawn a history book.
Forgive my cynicism if I guffaw wildly and don't look for any included anecdotes about the LGBT history of Oz.

Garn, it's The Australian Year of the Farmer...or THE Farmer, as it should be properly known.
Think about it next time you milk the fridge for your breakfest liquid, or dig up the fresh spuds from the bottom of the spud bin in the pantry, or brush the earth-natural plastic from the fruit and vegies....

Some mongrel has made off with goods that were collected to raise funds for flood damaged Bridgwater Bowling Club.
Hope the fleas of a thousand camels infest your jocks, ya lousy b@stard, and all your chooks turn into emus and kick the common decency back into you.

Teddies are invading the Loddon Mallee.
This is a good invasion; God Bless the CFA and the chickybabes of the CWA.

Pack the car and get along to the 98th Lake Goldsmith Steam Rally on October 29.
Cos the restored cottage is just the ticket to remind you not to complain about the repair bill of the broken washing machine or as you unpack the dishwasher or next time you have to crutch the sheep in the back paddock....

How about getting Back to Emu on Novermber 6th?
Go along and enjoy the whole day in the 90th celebration of the Emu Memorial Hall.

Christmas shopping opportunities are better and better now that V/Line is putting on special trains for Melbournians to shop til you drop in Bendigo, Kyneton and Castlemaine.
Get outta town and go explore the fabulous retail goodies on offer (that aren't restricted to the usual chain stores) and experience some good shopping fun.

Great article HERE about how a historian is researching the Bendigo chaps who served in the Maori Wars - those would be the ones in NZ, pre-Oz-Federation that we weren't taught about in school as it isn't linked to the Great Gallipoli Legend.
It's about time those boys were recognised for the battles they fought in rather than be swept under the guts and glory carpet *ahem*.

It's not often we can celebrate anything's 150th birthday but you can help raise a glass to the Carngham Uniting Church on 27th Novermber as it ages nicely into 150 years - the original 1893 organ will be played while the Skipton Street Choir accompanies it during the jocularities.

Beaufort's Got Talent!!!
No, really, it has!
And you could put your own talent on display (and possibly win some dosh) if you shake a leg and get along to the evening to raise funds for flood recovery on 29th October at the Beaufort Guide and Scout Hall.
Chooka Parker will be in attendance!


  1. That's a cool idea about the Vline putting on special deals for xmas shopping in Bendigo etc. Do you think many will take up this offer? As for the bendigo chpas that served in the Maori wars, I had no clue about that until I read that article. Although we were taught about the Maori wars in my day.

  2. I love the Teddy story. How awful that they were rejected because the authorities wanted money instead! I'm glad to hear they're being used to help people and that the CWA are going to continue making them.
    As for that thieving mongrel....the fleas of a thousand camels doesn't seem enough. Maybe a few thousand bedbugs too?
    It's about time our Farmers were recognised. I appreciate them every time I pour milk in my coffee or grate zucchini into my fritters. I really like that sculpture with all the produce on it.

  3. heh .. heh heh .. (translation - chortling).