Thursday, October 27, 2011

There will be ructions, I tells ya, ructions galore!

Well, I was going to be all deep and meaningful with the HUGE list of interesting (or boring as bat shyte, depending on what float your boat) links to stories that landed in my inbox.
I have such a busy little inbox.
Sluice and boilers, Andrew, sluice and boilers.

But the Foxtel unit has crapped itself and the earliest a techie can get here is Sunday.
Try explaining that to the Feral Teen who is addicted to Nat Geo, Discovery Science, History, Sci Fi, BBC Knowledge, etc.
I shall be hiding out under the bed til the techie gets here.

For those suffering hay fever this Spring - and it's been a bumper season for it - have a gander at the little morsels causing all your discomfort that have been eyeballed by a microscope named Anthony.
 Anthony's big brothers are scattered about the globe, christened Gary, Bob, Greig, Ken and Colin.

Jamieson, a lovely town in the high country of Victoria, is turning 150 years old and it's pulling out all the stops to have a proper knees up celebration.
Or you can pop over here to see the fabulous slideshow of old photos and read about what events are scheduled to tickle everyone's fancy.
Have your speakers turned on to sing along!

The Murtoa Stick Shed has proved to be such a popular tourist attraction - while it's not officially a tourist attraction - that they've had to turn people away!

 The famed, beautiful timepiece linked to the Loch Ard maritime tragedy was successfully bought at Sothbeby's auction by the Flagstaff Hill Maritime Village.

If you're in Maitland or within a cooee of the town, beware!
There's going to be squillions of historians out and about as the town is hosting the Royal Australian Historical Conference this weekend.

Randwick will soon say goodbye to some of it's more attractive historical buildings, notably the Tea House, as bulldozers do away with Australia's oldest racecourse's building history.
More gone to become just memories.
Interesting article on why Australia just doesn't compare with Europe when it comes to tourist destinations -a variety of reasons given with history and museums two of the foremost amongst them.

And for your good behaviour in class today...
a random shot of a grave at the old Dunolly Historical Cemetery


  1. I eagerly await boilers. Not so sure about sluices.

    Jamieson looks very pretty. Must go there.

    Wasn't all that money for Randwick Racecourse a pay off if they allowed the pope to pontificate there?

    Btw, I think you were away, but I did post about the Falkirk Wheel.

  2. We looked at pollen under a microscope in the lab when I did my NZ Flora paper- but not a high powered super dooper microscope like this. The pollen grains look so pretty when magnified. Did you know some people spend their lives examining old pollen grains? And they seem to like it!

  3. Alrighty then. What's a stick shed? And the grave is an awesome Halloween style shot, but can you make out his date of death? I'm sorry. I find things like this very interesting.

  4. ...the article on Europe is pretty spot on. Even driving back from a destination (which is usually no more than half an hour away), we're struck by how many castles, old villages and picturesque ruins we see.

    Just returned from three days in Basel and been astounded at how many Picassos, Seurats, Monets, Klees, Mondrians, Holbiens etc just one museum had....

  5. Ha! I was turned away from the Murtoa bl**dy Stick Shed because it wasn't open!!!! All that way for nothing ... maybe there's a lesson in there somewhere - like 'do your homework, RED'!!!!

    And Feral Teen could always amuse himself by bloghopping, yes??