Friday, October 14, 2011

Trip trap, trip trap over the troll's wooden bridge...

 Nope, I have no idea what the link between the title and this post is, blame it on the scatterbrained day caused by the laptop switching itself off a dozen times (due to someone yanking the cord out in a meltdown and moi not checking that it was still plugged into the wall properly).
Weird title.
Annnnnd here we have another eclectic mix of things that dropped into my inbox (ooh, err, that sounds ruuude).

Scarecrows have done a bunk or been thieved or...something up north in Banana Bender Country where the yearly event of scarecrows is attracting skullduggery and mischief.
Or something.

The Eden Whale Festival is on again this month with a laser light show included...and hopefully some whales.
To learn more about Old Tom and how the Killer Whales of Eden trained the hoomans to work with them for more than a century, click HERE.

Rare paintings have been uncovered in the cupboard of a chap in Canada.
Paintings from early colonial days in Oz, the Macquarie era with The State Library of NSW is hoping to successfully bid on them at auction.
Bet they were one of those Chrissy presents he didn't want and was waiting for a good time to re-gift them...

Russian scientists claim they've managed to snaffle a single hair of the Yeti (which is almost as good as hair of the dog) and a footprint.
Silly really, when all they have to do is pour some cement and wait....Every.Single dog, cat, child under 3 and Yetis for a gazillion miles will appear to tip toe through it or to scrawl their name in it.
Problem solved.

A chap was walking down the street when he spied a display in a bookstore...
No, not the beginning of a lame joke but the tale of how a Malvern bloke found his grandmother's tightrope walking history in a newly published book titled "Circus; the Australian Story".
Which sounds like a good 'un I need to add to my collection...

A little box organ is being auctioned in New Zealand on Sunday and that wee bundle of wood and music holds a great deal of history, covering Scotland and both sides of the ditch where the original owner had many adventures before he landed in NZ.

It seems poetry is alive and well in Oz, and Indigenous poets are well represented.
Except for some collections that seem to have a colour blindness.
Good to see they're keeping some Aussie traditions alive in 2011 (/sarcasm).


  1. So many oddities in one handy email! Thank you so much!! This'll keep me going all weekend ...

  2. A Yeti wrote his name in my freshly poured sidewalk. I didn't get a hair from him, but I know from what else he wrote that apparently Yetis think Iron Maiden rocks.

  3. Now I know how to stop people taking my garden gnomes on holidays and sending me photos of them enjoying themselves... Scarecrow nicking would have to be the last straw!

  4. I remember reading about the whales and the Davidsons years ago. It's one of my favourite true stories.

  5. um, even scatterbrains can figure out how community computers work ..
    (whistling whales is old }
    gah, must be getting old --- wonders will never cease ...

  6. Like your take on things, am glad I dropped by, good to be in touch with some Aussie bloggers.