Monday, October 31, 2011

Who wants Kakapo vomit with their Melbourne Cup salad and pav...?

Today there's another collection of tales and epics which have dropped into my inbox through the morning.
As I've rehashed and prattled about the Melbourne Cup and its history plenty of times in the past, let's move along and discuss other things.
Like who's running the SP book, who's holding the BBQ and which do we bring...salads or desserts?

Same goes for Halloween - celebrate it, don't celebrate it, it's a personal choice and up to each individual - but I've posted about that, too, plenty of times in the past, so we're moving on.

In amongst all the not-so-flying Kangaroo nonsense, rural doctors were left stranded.

Great article HERE about how book illustrators are turning back to traditional methods to plot out the pictures in a story away from computer software.

Have a look at this sumptuously gorgeous silk crazy quilt, which was created between 1890 and 1896 in Wangaratta, which will hopefully be listed for heritage status.

The Combined Gaelic Clans of Australiasia chieftan states why we should embrace the Gaelic culture and not let it die.

With the horrendous earthquake in Lyttelton in February the little-known WW2 tunnels were unearthed; here is a well detailed article explaining their origin and state.

Did I tell you about the auction to raise funds for the Kakapo?
They managed to raise $400.00.

Isn't it nice to hear of pats on the back to recognise the extra effort someone has gone to?
Well, a registrar doctor in Charlton - who'd been flooded out twice herself - has been patted on the back in the form of the Rural Registrar of the Year award for the hard work she did for those in the Charlton community during the floods this year.

And probably not the boiler Andrew was expecting but this story HERE explains the Wreck of '73.
That would be the train wreck.
Of 1873.
At Geelong.
When someone overdid the puffer valve on the boiler.

And the last word goes to good old Clint Eastwood.



  1. How can anybody believe in the sanctity of marriage with the sky rocketing divorce rate :-).

  2. "Workmen were engaged all day and night repairing the track and crowds of spectators watched proceedings."

    Ha, I love work I can watch it for hours.

    Go Clint.

  3. I consider myself lucky to have gone the full distance and enjoyed the experience of wedded bliss with my darling Rosemary.
    We hope to get a message from the Queen in twenty months time.
    Had one from Bill and Helen Dean on our fiftieth.
    Maybe there is an element of sheer luck, but it has not favoured our sons, four of whom have six divorces between them, one wed for the third time two years ago. same sons two daughters separated after two years of marriage, and his second wife married four times, Unreal.
    Then there is the Fifth son who is Gay and was married to the mother of our two gorgeous Gr/Daughters whom he fathered.

  4. That quilt is gorgeous!!
    Clint Eastwood makes sense, there are far more important things to be focussing on than who marries who. (Or who divorces who)

  5. If God judges everyone in the end, well, it certainly indicates to me that I don't have to do it now.

  6. That quilt is a masterpiece. And Clint is righter there than I can recall him being.

  7. Saving the war tunnels for later.

    I have a started post about the fascinating kakapo.

    The Geelong story was interesting. Maybe Murdoch is not so bad.

    I recently saw a photo of Clint Eastwood. Gosh he was handsome when he was young, as was Peter Brock from the car show I expect you saw last night? Well some recent night.

  8. Oh the quilt is such an inspiration. One day I will finish my crazy quilt, of fabric memories.

    Glen Innes is a great fun place to visit and one day, I would like to go to one of the festivals. That would be a lovely adventure.