Wednesday, November 9, 2011

'Ave a drop o' water

Crikey, jingo, I hope you've all packed your Wellies, raincoat, swimsuits and floaties for your trek to work today.
And, don't forget to flag down that animal-laden ship as it swans past you in the rapids of main street.
Yes, flash-flooding warnings are out for the usual suspect areas in Melbourne - and someone will always try to drive their car through that extra large-ish puddle in South Melbourne.
Usually a tiny 4 cylinder shopping cart on wheels that has a hissy at the first downpour...but that driver will definitely give it a good go to get to the other side of the inland ocean that appears under the bridge in Sth Melb (locals will all know the one I mean...the one that always features on the evening news showing the SES fishing some hopeless driver out of the sodden vehicle in the bucketing rain).

But the Bendigo region has been given flood warnings too, as have many areas in the North-East of the state with a predicted 100ml of cloud juice expected to dump its load.
So, when that water craft swishes up behind you and some bloke offers you a lift with a hairy-armpitted giraffe....

For those who like their animals a wee bit older...and a wee bit deader, Simon Ho asks Did climate cause the extinction of Ice Age Megafauna?

Two fabulously hard-working gals of the Bendigo Cemetery Trust Heritage Group have put in the hard slog of researching the tales behind the lads and lasses who Did More Than Their Bit during wartime and have put together a virtual tour of war graves from the 4 Bendigo cemeteries for this weekend.
Lest We Forget.

ChristChurch Cathedral was officially deconsecrated this morning.

And, so I leave you with enough reading fodder to keep you out of the deep end of the diving pool at least until an hour after you've eaten.


  1. I take it you mean the Dudely St rail bridge near Festival Hall in West/North Melbourne :-).

  2. But what one really needs, in these days of strange footwear, are galoshes. Know where I can find some?

  3. Nah, def the one in Sth Melb, Windsmoke, the road dips down under a rail bridge and everyone gets stuck there in storms.

    Try the Aussie disposal stores, FruitCake, I get my knee high gum boots there (boring black but you can always paint 'em).

  4. Had a bit of rain have you Jayne?
    Do you need to borrow my umbrella?

  5. Yer... looks like they haven't got around to fixing that one in South Melbourne. Looks like the storm was a ripper - if the photos in the today's Age are any indication. Here in Lockwood we ended up with a bit of wind and gentle rain.

  6. "don't forget to flag down that animal-laden ship as it swans past you in the rapids of main street"

    Gold, Jayne. Love it!