Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Bladdy blah blah, rah rah rah pass the tomato sauce...

Not only do I have a heat rash on my chesticles but now it seems I'm hunting for funky pirate patches.
Cos, y'know, the whole body-falling-apart thing.

Got the old lugholes prodded yesterday while today it was my baby blues' turn to be poked by medical equipment.
Same old, same old - the bad eye is getting badder, it's turned into a mofo - while the 'good' eye is sort of behaving, not getting worse, just trundling along and doing its job.
Except when the bad mofo does its double vision trick and I'm left squinting and closing the eyelid just to see one of everything.

The double vision thing is normal, as common as muck and nothing to be done about it.
Except if I invest in funky pirate patches to stop the mofo interferring with what vision I have left.
The peripheral vision hasn't shrunk any further since my last pokage - yippie - and there's no need for new specs just yet - double yippie.

As for the heat rash cleavage - yucky hot day yesterday and I turned into a bloated blimp ready to be popped with a pin.

Now, consider how many lashes you'd get for farting in Wollongong!

Great tour on the hidden laneways of Melbourne.

More on Castlemaine's Growing Abundance project on sourcing locally grown produce.

Ever considered that you need a working bee to turn your backyard into the vegie patch of your dreams?
Look into Permablitz, this one is in Melbourne but there are many groups around Oz and the world.

Now, I'm off to rub my chesticles with some cream.....


  1. You have all my sympathies on the heat rash thingie. It is only a matter of time before I join you. Bleah, summer.

  2. Oh man, that is one SAAAAAAD post!! Why? Because I can strongly relate to almost everything you've said!!!

    Just remind me never to take Pilchard to Wollongong ...

  3. Have you tried putting antiperspirant in the heat rash area? Before you get a rash of course! It might stop the dampness that causes the rash, when the antiperspirant dries smooth on lots of talcum powder to minimise chafing.

  4. Forget the sweat - how dreadful about yer mince pies! If the patch would help, I bet you of all people could make a real trend setting statement out of one.

  5. I've never had heat rash, but poor old Love Chunks did in the couple of years we lived in Darwin, so you have my sympathies.

    50 lashes for farting? I'd have been dead before morning tea time!

  6. Well I have just been playing catch up. You have been a pin cushion in the last few days with ya check ups. Heat rash is no good. seems like summer is on it's way your neck of the woods.

    Loved what you did with ya Dunolly blog. And wow at an honesty box. Those veggies and that garlic sounded fab. Funny how we take smells when it comes to fruit and veg. I know kids who are so used to supermarket veg and fruit who recoil when they see homegrown or organic fruit and vege. Very sad day when they wont eat them because the fruit doesn't look perfect.

  7. I'll pass you the cream, EC ;)

    LOL, Red, I'm avoiding that place, too!

    It's more a Prickly Heat rash than a chafing rash, River, just increasing as I get older lol.

    The eyeballs have been up to no good for years, FC, I'm just thankful there's no major changes with my 'good' eye ;)

    Aye, I hear you on the lashings, Kath lol.

    Thanks, Janine, and, yeah, some kids have no idea what vegies look like.