Friday, November 11, 2011

Bucketloads to read..and Remember.

I have bucketloads of inboxed links to share with you today!
And bucketloads of cleaning things to take to Dunolly this weekend for the big Mummy Clean of the caravan and annexe.
But I shant be all work and no play as the Uniting Church Op Shop is open tomorrow along with the monthly Car Boot Sale out the front (and the usual baked goodies for sale nom nom nom).
Then, on the Sunday is the Main Street Traders Market where one can go nuts with one's pocket money and buy gazillions of Chrissy presents, goodies for the home and the usual White Elephant brica-brac that can be re-gifted to Great-Aunt Gertrude on her 97th birthday.
Or not, cos some of those goodies are collectables worth keeping!
We shall, of course, keep up our strength by partaking of the delicious wares at the Dunolly Bakery.

First of all an article on the meaning of today as it is Armistice Day or Remembrance Day, the day the guns on the Western Front fell silent with the signing of the armistice between Germany and the Allied countries in a railway carriage in France.
It's ironic that it is now known as Remembrance Day as we remember those who never returned but forget to stop going to war in the first place.

A lost Norman town near Kilkenny is being rediscovered through archaeology which you can read about HERE.

A great article on the Carlton United Brewery Clydesdale horses and their historical significance, is HERE.
With gorgeous horses.

A new book, Great Battles in Australian History, was launched earlier this month; the author interviewed the last veterans from the Western Front, Gallipoli and many other battles and has included battles other than wars such as the Eureka Stockade which would make it an invaluable resource when studying Australian history.

Today also marks the 100th birthday of the Commonwealth Bank with a great article, written by a lecturer in Economics, on its development and history.

Andrew Chapman snapped his first woolshed in 1976 and since then he has catalogued as many as possible; those grey weathered wooden buildings scattered across the Australian landscape, resulting in a book which captures the history of these buildings titled Woolsheds.

The new Narbethong Community Hall, to replace the original that was burnt to the ground in the Black Saturday bushfires, is being officially opened on Saturday November 26th by the Governor of Victoria.
To have a look at the new hall's design click HERE.

The wandering path project at the Port Macquarie Base Hospital has given an old wishing well, made of convict-made bricks, a new home along with some fabulous photos for dementia patients to enjoy.

VCAT approved the 10 storey development for the historic Dimmey's Building.

A fantastic new invention which won the James Dyson Award was not only designed by an Aussie,  Edward Linnacre, but it harvests moisture from the air into storage tanks for farmers.

A short tale of the Light Horse and of one lovely grey Arab mare.

From today until midnight on 13th November Kiwis can research military links for free to see if they are descended from the Mystery Soldier.

And, finally, the gorgeous Mudgee Post Office has been added to the Commonwealth Heritage List.
Which means you can't buy it for me now.


  1. Don't care about anything else - just give me a FULL REPORT on the Dunnolly Bakery!!!!

  2. I am envious. Do we get to see photos of the caravan and annex? or have I missed that? Oh a church op sake and car boot sale - green with envy again. Then a bonus with the Sunday market.....Have a great weekend.

  3. A very lazy comment here. Echoing Red Nomad and Janine. And agree wholeheartedly about remembering the fallen and rushing out to do it all again. Humph.

  4. A doo-dad that harvests moisture from the air into storage tanks?? Why don't we all have one? Where are they available? It would save us all waiting for the rain to fill the rainwater tanks.

  5. And echoing Red here; a FULL report, with pictures of the Dunolly Bakery and the goodies inside.

  6. The only thing that smells like home more than a good bakery is the smell of sheep shit. A book full of pictures of woolsheds? It'll be a best seller!

  7. Reading about the Norman village made me think about Time Team and thinking about Time Team got me thinking it was about time my TV started showing some new episodes rather than repeats.

  8. also ironic(?) to remember that WW1 wasn't. It was the "Great War", the war to end all wars. Wasn't until the '39-'45 conflict when the other one became "World War" one. Curious.