Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Food review and round up of the inbox stuffs

Had one of THE most delicious fush 'n' chup teas last night from an almost newbie shop in Oakleigh.
Not exactly newbie, they ran it as one of the gazillion coffee shops that litter Oakleigh (if Aussies are the coffee snobs of the world then Oakleigh-ites are the uber-caffeine-obsessed snobs of the 'burbs).
Then they changed over to a fush 'n' chups shop called Reef, on the corner of Eaton Street Mall and Chester Street.
*Fan-bloody-tastic food!
They offer home made dim sims that rival the infamous Sth Melbourne Market dimmies, home made potato cakes, fish in a delicate batter, calamari rings that melt in the mouth plus the options of fresh salads and steamed brown rice in place of the usual chips.
It doesn't hurt that they grew up with their parents running the well-regarded Blue Sea Fish and Chip shop in Castlemaine for decades!
So, if you're in the area go snaffle some decent grub from Reef.
*This, of course, is still bettered by Dodsons Fish and Chip shop in Dunolly.
I was not paid for this review.
Onto the bits from my inbox....

I like the idea of a home-grown winery being housed in a former wool-shed!

130 years ago this month a minor uprising took place - that of the Indigenous inhabitants at Coranderrk, demanding self-determination in a time that it was unheard of.
Coranderrk: We Will Show The Country is a play that brings all of the historical event to the fore for current-day theatre goers.

Seems popular life-style meds are nudging out their more important cousins, the antibiotics, from the development line.

Looks like the historic Mt Buffalo Chalet is back in limbo with the most recent rescue plan being rejected.

Slap me silly and paint my arse purple, Ted announced some movement at the station, of the railway type, that may possibly involve electrification and increased services.
Some time in the future.

A decent article HERE on our historic houses, how we support their preservation and their future.

A good read HERE explains how the over-worked and aged sewerage systems pops a pipe or 3 resulting in raw S-bend products then wending their way through the local waterways, affecting fish stocks and the rest of the environment.

Check out Mount Alexander Shire's Low Food Miles project, where stacks of fresh, organic and locally-produced goodies will be stocked by select food stores, following the UK model where locally-produced foods are sourced from the nearby areas instead of relying on those with high mileage from far flung climes.
More info HERE.

Last byt not least is the fab interview with Tony Robinson from last night's edition of Lateline.


  1. Whoo hooo for a delicious fush and chip meal, sounds devine. Love that they have alternatives to chips such as steamed brown rice.

    Arrrgh at Drugs companies and thier damn thinking regarding "return on investment: in regards to researching new antibiotics. It is so scary that our bodies are immune to new strains of nasties. It annoys me that they are more than happy to make other lifestyle drugs but I should know better cos at the end of the day what seems to matter is $$$ and not people.

    Love the Mount Alexander Shire movement to support local food. Great article and funnily enough it must have taken some getting used to for some people not realising that certain fruit and veg are seasonal....love what they are doing though.

  2. WT? Mt Buffalo Chalet is a Tardis in its own right. Why do we want it to look like a glassed in version of Federation Square? If we do not preserve the ambience, what are we preserving? Je ne comprends pas.

    I shall keep an eye on the Franger Arts Centre programs in the hope Coranderrk makes it here. Looks interesting.

    I know - what about a bakery that does fresh fush'n'chups in an alpine setting? [With performance space, of course.]

  3. Heh heh heh...Love your humour Jayne hah hah hah. Mad my day reading this. Ol' stereotypical kiwis fush and chups...still remember the big debarkle over that one with Jill Singer.LOL I had chocolate Icecream and strawberries tonight. Damned good feed that one.

  4. I haven't even *seen* a fush and chup shop over here. Pommes frites with everything yes; but a decent piece of battered piscine and chunky chips - Nooooo. *sniffle*

  5. I've been thnking of fush'n'chups for a week now. Might have to do something about that.