Monday, November 7, 2011

G'day Monday

I iz still here, just been throwing myself into scaring the backyard into shape after months of neglect.
And falling over the rampant ginger lillies....several times lol.
Feral Aspie got the antibiotics with a 'maybe' on the nail ripping treatment to follow.
Guess who gets to take him to the GP when that happens?
Yep, the spouse *snort*

Go have a gander and listen to the 150 year celebrations of the Cape Wickham Lighthouse which the G-G Quentin Bryce officially opened on the weekend (as it was never officially opened back in the don't want to rush these things...).

Some I know will be excited to hear repair work started on the Bridgewater-Maldon Road which came a gutser in the January floods.
Again, you don't want to rush these things....*rolls eyes*

The stunning Arch of Victory in Ballarat was officially reopened by our G-G Quentin Bryce (she gets around!) with the ribbon cut with the same scissors Prince Edward used in 1920.
Cos we're too stingy to buy her a new pair.
Don't forget to drop a few bob into the kitty for the Creswick RSL Light Horse Troupe.

Damn shame I missed it but an historic Diesel Electric Rail Motor was puttering up the line from So Cross Station through Bendigo and onward to Swan Hill last Saturday - the first on the track since 1999.

Now, I must go forth and speak sweet nothings into the ears of the self-seeded tomatoes which look nice and sturdy and are already teasing me with flowers....


  1. Fingers crossed for the anti-biotics. Jealous of your ginger lilies which won't grow here.

  2. Brycey certainly looked bright Ballarat.

  3. Gosh.... the very same scissors that the King used!! She (GG) must have been very proud indeed...
    Glad to hear the Maldon -Bridgewater road might actually get repaired, too.