Thursday, November 10, 2011

Go check your back shed. No, seriously, behind the redbacks and huntsmans..

Well, after all the hoo-ha about the coming storm we got a bit of rain, a bit of wind, and...some people ended up a little soaked completely drenched (not looking at any hubby and son in particular who insisted 'there's no storm coming, we'll go for a swim cos it's so hot' *ahem*).
So much so that new school shoes are now on the must-have-immediately list.
Size 14 school shoes.
Yeah, cos they grow on trees.

So, on to what tidbits dropped in my inbox...

A chappie and his brother used to play with this gadget they found in the farm shed until they realised it was a 14th century time piece.

Likewise, a slice of Aussie literary history was discovered in a back shed; the memoirs of one who rubbed shoulders with Henry Lawson, Mary Gilmore, et el.

Westralia's Young Historian was named, as were the many other fabulous sandgroper history students throughout the state, proving history still has a place and remains relevant in today's educational system.
Pity she has to meet Peter Garrett but I'm sure the rest of Canberra will be exciting!

Casey Council is looking into the disappearance of a historical door, which grew legs and walked (apparently) a few years ago.
Because everybody lusts after a metal door filled with cement that was made in 1875.
For their front door.
Of course.
Or that could be just me.

Get a gander at the ripper restored vintage car that is encouraging Aussie rural blokes to get educated enough about prostate cancer to 'give it the finger'.

Bendigo Council has been a generous little cupcake and handed out a great deal of moolah to numerous community groups in the way of grants, including several historical groups one of which is Bendigo Rail - A History Project.

Victor Harbor played host to a rally of hundreds who turned out to voice their anger at the lack of rights for the average farmer with issues under threat like water metres on dams (!!!), ploughing rights, creeks and rivers being fenced off, etc.

And, HERE is a great interview in Melbourne (yesterday) with Time Team's host Tony Robinson who is out here to not only promote his recent Aussie history book but is filming walks around the capital cities.


  1. Victor Harbor - my folks live there; it's a beautiful place. They've had lots of dramas with the years of drought and water fights with the states further up the Murray.....

    Tony Robinson - whenever I watch Time Team I still think, "There's Baldrick."

  2. "I've got a cunning involves a turnip..."

  3. I'm pleased to hear you only got a bit of wind with your bit of rain.

    Since leaving the ex [1976] I'd not been able to find a tool in the shed let alone something useful... until,
    just last week I saw this great big long heavy thing and I thought "hello, that's made of concrete: OLD concrete!", so I posted it to Tony Robinson [sea mail] and hope to hear a report from him soon.

    Size 14 school shoes? Has you never thorpe there's olympic gold medal potential in them plates?

  4. I love that old car! My mum used to have a small manikin that pissed when you pushed the button on his.....I've forgotten exactly where the button was.

  5. We're cleaning out our sheds. If we find a concrete filled metal door, we'll mail it back to you.

  6. Sadly, the dam(n!) water meters are actually a serious proposition by the cash-strapped SA Gov't desperately seeking new taxes under the guise of 'it's the right thing to do'!!

    Maybe they should check for the door at the local cell block??

  7. Size 14 shoes, wow those are some big shoes to fill. Makes my little siz six seem pitiful. Amazing what you can find on your garden shed/garage.