Friday, November 4, 2011

Here's your hat, what's your hurry...?

I'm slipping this in super-dooper fast as the Feral Aspie beastie is off at the Gp where he may or may not have his ingrown toenail ripped out removed, depending on how infected it is and whether or not the GP wants him to do a course of antibiotics first.
I may be taking a holiday at the last minute, who wants to hide me under their beds...?

Have a gander at the North Wharf building planned for Docklands, which includes restoring the orgininal historic Seafarers Mission,  HERE.

You may not enjoy cricket as much as certain Pakistan cricketers but you can appreciate the heritage of the Adelaide Oval's scoreboard as it ticks over to 100 years.

A cleaner who got a little too enthused with her work amidst the Domestos fumes scrubbed away at an art piece until she'd removed a nasty stain.
That was actually part of the sculpture.

And a little tale of a naughty wabbit tormenting a poor farmer....


  1. 'developer believes the proposal is sympathetic with the adjacent heritage-listed Mission to Seafarers building'. Really.

  2. Love that cleaner's taste in art. Laughing hysterically at the thought of paying megabucks for some wall art and then simply ripping it out of the building to carry it home on a tram.

  3. I'll get you yet, you wascally wabbit!

  4. Big ouch. Hope the Feral Aspie beastie's toe gets antibiotics not the rip and tear treatment.

  5. "Feral Aspie beastie" - dammit, I just inhaled my croissant crumbs!

  6. um, if yer up this way - yer welcome to hide under me bed (oops, thinks, .. oh yes, do have one on legs .. heh heh heh).

  7. Oh dear, I have to comment on the cleaner's todo. That really was funny. And the grease stain? Really? Goes to show how 'subjective' tastes in art really are.