Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Hot Testes, Linen Teas, High Teas and Thunderstorm Asthma

Well, the day is cracking on and here I still sit upon my date!
I must away shortly to the Other Second Home I lust after - Bunnings.
For itty-bitty door knobs for the 'renovation' of the caravan and annex.
The Other Second Home I lust after is Spotlight.
Give me these two buildings side by side and I'll happily wander between them for the rest of my life...if they were placed in Dunolly, of course! *snort*

Annnnd into my inbox I delved this morning to find....
All my male readers - and possibly female readers, too, - will be delighted to learn that the heating of the testes (and thereby creating possible infertility) is not proven to be caused by blokes wearing tight jocks.
So, lash out and get him those Borat Man-kini thong things, girls...

Back in 1921 those Bright Young Things were being awfully daring and gay in their behaviour when they hosted a linen tea for the bridegroom instead of the bride!!!
Gosh, what would they do next...allow men to stay home to become house hubbies or such...?

Mark your dance cards, boys and girls, for Dunolly will be the place of the Art of Elegance Fair on February 12, 2012.
There will be plenty to see and do - book for the scrumptious High Tea, vintage clothing, collectables, sewing,  habadashery, accessories, and much, much more!

With the bumper crops in the paddocks this Spring has been a doozy for hay fever sufferers and now the thunderstorm season is upon us creating Thunderstorm Asthma.
Click HERE to read the explaination of this occurance and learn if you need to keep a preventative inhaler handy.

In South Oregon, USA, there is a new website that was launched by the local historical society to learn about (and possibly solve) local historical mysteries that people have wondered about.
Click HERE to read the article (link in the article to the actual website) and while you're at it chuck a few of your own local historical mysteries at your local historical society...to see if they're awake.

Australia's first community-owned wind farm was officially opened on the weekend near Hepburn.

A must-read ; NT Aboriginal Elders released a statement calling for an end to the intervention in the Northern Territory.


  1. What's a bunnings? Spotlight? Links please.

  2. Debby, Spotlight is an Australian store, similar to Joanne's in the US. Fabric, craft, wool, party goods and it is addictive. I worked there for years and very rarely brought money home, just toys!

    Male underwear? None of that happens in my household, so tis all a mystery to me. :-p

  3. I have been and am ashamed of the intervention in the Northern Territory. Yes there are problems but I do not believe they can be solved by measures like this one. Consultation with affected communities would be a good start. Grrrr.

  4. Sorry, Debby, here's a link to Bunnings - it's chain of huge warehouse hardware stores.

    And here's a link to Spotlight, exactly as Eccentricess described, full of goodies!

  5. Gotta keep those tadpoles happy and strong for their marathon swim :-).

  6. Oh, I miss Bunnings - could really do with one here. Within walking distance or really good parking.

    Oh and you had me at 'hot testes' and no doubt you'll find your weirdo search quotient will increase by around 700%.

  7. Oh. So your Bunnings is like our Lowes. And I do so love our Lowes, home of all things home. I am royalty there: Queen of all things Clearance.

  8. Til I got to the bit about tight jocks I was a bit worried about the idea of heating testes...

    However, the intervention thing just makes me hot under the collar. Some communities are happy about it, but if there was any such thing as consultation, at least communities could decide for themselves what is best.
    As for education... grrrrr

    Kev made all the right noises, but I suspect no one is still as sorry as indigenous Australians.

  9. Art of Elegance...if you are going I expect photos.

    We have a local librarian who keeps track of all things historical ( has printed several books ) and is probably responsible for: http://www.myhamilton.ca/about-hamilton/local-history

  10. I shall indeed be fronting up and, hopefully, taking a shedload of photos, Elizabeth :)

    Heated testes could get a lot of people into hot water!

  11. I had my hubby switch to boxers for that very reason ...
    Are you going somewhere in your caravan ?

  12. Haha! One of my two 'shuttle' buildings would HAVE to be a bakery (I hear the Dunnolly one is mighty fine) - but not sure what the other would be!!