Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Possum Mafia does it again

Morning you delightful little possums!
Actually, with the words I've been using towards the local Possum Mafia I shouldn't compare you to those little furry gangsters.

With the return of the odd placement of slug guts on the back step they've out-done themselves in protesting at us keeping them awake with the TV - by chewing through the Foxtel cable.
The technicians said this area is notorious for possums gnawing through the cable - one said he thinks it's the frequency that irritates their ears or something and they attack the source of it.

So, while we had no TV from Thursday til Sunday then we had no Free-to-Air channels from Sunday til today.
Seems we were lucky to get anything at all as the chewability of the cable had the Possum Mafia almost the whole way through.


And yesterday I had a birfday.
I turned a gazillion years old and am beyond carbon dating.

So, I've decided you can all chip in and buy me THIS HOUSE, the Hexagonal House, that I've fallen in love with.
Oh, alright, a simple worshipping at my feet will suffice*

The First World War may be almost 100 years gone but the battlefields of it are still throwing up clues, tales and items that fill in the faces of those who sacrificed themselves for the pride of old men bickering over the size of their egos.
Not to forget the remains of these poor German boys recently found in a caved in trench in France.

And here is a great interview/discussion with author of "Bushrangers - Australia's Greatest Self Made Heroes" Evan McHugh about Bushrangers.
Turn your speakers UP!

*Worshipping will begin at midnight and will continue until Elvis turns up with Marilyn and JFK.


  1. I would suggest running the length of wire accessible to the possum mafia through a length of small metal piping.

    My husband who is not a good person suggests running a length of 110 wire right next to it and letting them chew through that. Just for grins and chuckles.

    Yeah. Probably just want to stick to the piece of pipe.

  2. Damn! I forgot your birthday!
    You mentioned it was coming a post or so back and I meant to mark it in my diary.
    Well, Happy Birthday for yesterday, I hope you had cake. You look really good for being a gazillion years old.
    Try feeding the cable through a few lengths of curtain rod or similar, it's fairly cheap at hardware stores and curtains places light Spotlight and Lincraft.

  3. Happy birthday. And I hope it was chocolate cake with a gazillion calories.

  4. Happy birthday. It would have to be a huge chocolate birthday cake to fit a gazillion candles on :-).

  5. Happy Gazillionth Birthday. I hope you had lots of cake and a new tv cable. I'm sick of possums eating the flowers off my plants.

    I vaguely remember that house from Grand Designs, especially the stairs. I'll buy it for you if you buy me a Huf Haus!

  6. A gazillion happy returns - of birthdays that is, not possums.

    Debby, I think when possums clock on for the night shift they carry a 'must do' list, priority given to the most costly items - like cables and wires. Electricians breed them secretly then set them free in the suburbs, you know.

    [If I had to choose between spiders and possums - I'd take the spiders.]

  7. The house looks nice. Now how do you expect me to buy you and expensive birthday present when you tell me the day after? Best wishes anyway.

  8. Happy Gazillionth birthday - if the octagonal house doesn't come through as your requested gift, you might want to think more locally as there's also a few on Kangaroo Island....

  9. Oh, craparoni! I meant to say Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you. Happy birthday dear JAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAyne. Happy birthday to you.

    Now it's late. Oh. Wait. You didn't tell us until after the fact, so this would be your own fault. Good. For a second, the guilt was just crippling.

  10. Birthdays last at least a week so I'm not late.

    Just remember, no matter how old you get I'll always be older. If I'm ok then you have to be too. ( elder advice )

  11. Poking the wire through cheap plastic covered steel curtain rod will do the trick.

    Did you know - war graves for Naval personel have the least maintenance.

    Would a gazillion be about 45 or is it more if so how much more and don't tell any fibs.

  12. 45?!!!!!!!!!!!!Whisht!!!! That ain't old!

  13. O, it's your birthday also (more or less) .. may well explain why the Melbourne cup was won by a smidge, whisker or, dare i say it, a centimetre.. by OUTSIDERS!!!!!

    erk, not only do the French and Germans want to control the Euro (anyone wanna holiday on Lesbos?) ..

    they bloody well win the Melbourne cup!!!! Not on, folks - STOP THE BOATS!!!!( or Qantas aircraft shipping furriners to our shores (if that makes sense)

    Could go on... and on .. but oy, not getting any younger ... heh.

    Just thought to let you know that my (My?) hen is close to producing chicks (littl'ns, avians; not the juveniles promoted to sell products ...heh)