Monday, November 28, 2011

Show them you can be your own man the words of Tim Freedman

Over the weekend I was introduced to a nice chappie named Doug.
From Dunolly.
Who sells his home-grown vegies from his house in Broadway.
Straight from the garden home-grown vegies.
For a pittance.
And, my word, They.Are.BURSTING with flavour.
The purple garlic, in particular, is so strong and fresh and nom-worthy it would easily knock off Angel, Dracula, Edward, Spike and other Vamps.
Minced a clove in my usual chilli vegie soup for lunch today and it was scrummy.
The parsnips smell delish - can you honestly pick up a parsnip in the supermarket and smell it?
There is no smell, cold store kills the natural flavour and smell.
The next Saturday you're meandering down Broadway, stroll along to Doug's house - you can't miss it, nice green place (on the right as you head towards Bealiba but before the Broadway railway crossing) with a table laden with produce and an honesty box on the nature strip - and grab yourself some quality vegies.

Lovely article and audio tour HERE of the delightfully pink granite lighthouse on Gabo (pronounced gay-bo) Island which will be turning a gracious 150 years old in 2012.

Ford have opened only the 4th historic archive in the world at Campbellfield, titled Ford Australia Archives.
All down to the slavish devotion some people have for keeping documents and photos that go on to become vital in the collection of historic documentation (see, I told you it's not rubbish littering my desk!)...

And for those of you who are more devoted to Holdens, here's a link to the National Holden Motor Museum.

Good to see there's movement for the rebuilding of the Bridgewater Caravan Park which was destroyed in the January floods.
With several well-used and loved caravan parks along the coastline falling to the developers this is an accomodation area that is often over-looked and under-appreciated by many and we can't afford to lose any more!

And, here's the answer to why we can't find 100% Aussie grown, owned and produced fruit juice on the shelves.
5 cents per kilo?
Can we shut this open door policy on imports, already?!

More on gambling and it's good to read that the rain didn't keep the anti-pokie protesters away on Saturday at Castlemaine.
I salute you all with The Whitlams Blow Up The Pokies.


  1. That veggie garden sounds wonderful.

  2. More than wonderful. And an honesty box too ...

  3. Fresh from the garden purple garlic???

    I am SO green with envy. It's been years since I had any that fresh, from my daughter's father-in-law's garden. And fresh parsnips too! Mmmm, drooling.....

    The imported juice? Ahhh, if only our governments subsidised our growers, like the overseas governments do.

  4. You had me at the headline. Best Whitlams song by a long shot.

  5. Oranges are so cheap, and such good quality, yet it is nearly impossible to find pure Australian fruit juice on supermarket shelves. Absurd.

  6. um, 'aussie grown' purple garlic? pls give me his contact numbers or email. While yes, garlic can be grown from corms - all that i can find in the '"SUPeR" markets' these days is bland 'chinese' version. And, paraphrasing the classic words of an ancient(??) advertising campaign - "garlic ain't garlic".

  7. What were you thinking? Now the Dunnolly vegie patch will be sold out before you get there!!!