Monday, November 7, 2011

Stuff that canters through my brain while cooking....

Sorry, I will get around to reading all your blogs, I promise!
But as I was making/experimenting with making flat bread in the pan for salad pizzas (for tea tonight, salad from the garden, no pesticides but possibly a few pests...think of it as added fibre) I noticed something catching the light...

...So I wandered over to have a look and it was a ginormous Daddy Long Legs climbing back up his thread of web from the drapes.
What happened...?
 "Abort, abort, great clumsy hoomans lumbering about!!!"
"Nil food sources until they pass out for the evening..."
"Damn! They've vacuumed again! Just for once can't they leave the dead flies where they fall...?"
"Crap....the female hooman clashes with my shoes..."


  1. mmm I've been eating lettuce from my garden too. I don't use pesticides coz I wouldn't know what to use anyway. Just soil and manure. Yum (the lettuces not the manure!)

  2. I'm still wondering what went through the mind of the very large cockroach I surprised the second day I was here in my flat. I went into the bathroom in the middle of the night, turning the light on and stunning the cockroach who stood completely still and we just stared at each other, neither of us moving until I inched towards the toilet, then he turned and kept watching me. The flush finally scared him into action and I haven't seen hm since. I have killed a few of his cousins though.

  3. ...and here we had a lost bee. VERY lost, considering we're on the eighth floor and autumn is upon us.

    Unfortunately, Milly caught it and ate it. A weird habit for a dog!