Monday, November 14, 2011

There was much jocularity had on the weekend.

Hey, honey, I'm hooooome!
Yes, back from gallivanting all over Dunolly and enjoying the top quality goodies at the Dunolly Bakery, I haz stuffs to share with you.
No, they are not communicable diseases nor do you need to declare them to customs (or get an over-the-counter cream for them).
I don't have pics of the caravan and annexe as yet, I'm hoping to do a before and after post as I have Plans!
Which involves Sandpaper! and Paint! and A Shedload of Elbow Grease!
You know, the usual suspects that keep me out of mischief.

Visited the Uniting Church Op Shop, got me some great Tupperware containers, home-made Spicy Mustard Pickles, Sweet and Sour Lemon Pickles, wool, crochet hook and a kind smile from the gal behind the counter.
The Sunday Market was in full swing with stalls marching around the corner into Bull Street.
Got the pipes blasting for the choir, practising for Carols On Broadway (no, the population did not run from my singing) and church on Sunday was a cheerful tuneful affair.

From the inbox....

Auckland's Jolly Red Bloke has rocked up to his usual possie, inspiring the hope in all children that some stranger who likes dressing up in costume will illegally enter their house, via the chimney and guzzle whatever alcoholic beverage their parents leave out nd just maybe he'll be pickled enough to leave a decent pressie...

Claims are flying throughout the Crow-eaters press that their historic State Courts are the worst in the whole Isle of Oz as an injured judge is unable to access his chambers due to the heritage buildings not having been upgraded for disabled access, amongst many other issues.

Still in South Oz it seems SA Water is paying BIIIG bikkies to many employees...while Joe Blow on the street struggles to pay for the H2o in his tap...

Traditional Aboriginal canoe building, using the traditional tools and technique,s are being taught along with other skills in the Wodonga area by Aboriginal Elders to ensure the old ways are not lost.

Historic Como House may be getting a make-over.

Were you at the Bendigo Swap Meet on the weekend?
If you've never been, go at least once in you lifetime and enjoy the squillions of car parts that will seep into your psyche, oozing their refined oily selves into your joints until you suddenly recall that great old car you first owned and how the leather smelt after being in the hot sun, the crack in the dashboard you always wanted to repair, the gear stick that fitted your hand just so...

Cootamundra's Aboriginal Girls' Home is about to turn 100 with former residents, girls who were removed from their families, invited to attend to hopefully help towards some healing.

A great new venture has begun in Ballarat with young people being taught to recondition second-hand bicycles which will be on-sold through the Bargain Browser shops or donated to local families.

Pop along to Fanny's Flat in Talbot to see what the playful ghost may be polishing this week in the vintage boutique.
For further info on Fanny the ghost herself, click HERE.


  1. And where is our bakery review and photos hmmmmm?

  2. well I am looking forward to before and after photos. Your goodies you snagged sound fantastic, green with envy here.

  3. South Australia Water is like so many of its ilk. Cut the staff back to workers, ruled by a boss with the help of a clerk.