Tuesday, November 29, 2011

There was much pokage and fiddling on my agenda

Sorry, poppets, I've been in and out and up and down like a mad washerwoman.
Or something.
Been meaning to read your blogs but got sidetracked...

Had (one of) my annual poking session at the Eye and Ear Hospital today, same old, same old, except there's a new system and we outpatients were whipped along at a much faster rate.
Sensational staff working there, big pat on the back to them all.
Seems I'm off to see a neurologist who has a thing for Menieres, will have a visit to the vestibular clinic sometime in 2012.
Possibly something to do with my decreasing hearing - alright, let's be positive about this, see the glass as half full not half empty - my INcreasing deafness.
See, viewing the whole thing in a better light makes soooo much difference.
I was blessed with my mum's dodgy eyesight and my dad's dreadful hearing.
Continue taking the meds and have a happy Christmas.

Anywho, psuedo-Christmas pressies for you.
I've been fiddling in Photobucket and whipping up original Chrissy pics centred around Dunolly.
It keeps me out of mischief and off the streets.
They've been posted on the Dunolly blog, right click on the pic for "View Image" to enlargen it, then right click and hit "Save image as" to save a copy to your hard drive if they tickle your fancy.
If they don't, then run! Flee to the hills!

Want a giggle?
Was riding the Feral Beastie's BMX yesterday (I've found it ok if I s-l-o-w-l-y follow hubby on the footpath while he calls out directions..and let's not hear comments about BMX Bandits) when I felt the seat was tipping slowly but inexorably backwards.
Kept stopping and pushing the seat forward again but even I eventually noticed that it wasn't the seat but rather the post on which the seat is mounted that was bending.
Yes, it did finally bend right back on itself....with moi's derriere parked firmly atop it.
Was a cheap thrill for about 2.3 seconds til I realised The Spouse and I had to walk the bikes all the way home.

I was going to regale you with the tempting and toothsome strassburg and kabana, not to mention the flavoured snags, from the Dunolly butcher but after all the above waffle that will wait til tomorrow.

Seems burst water mains are a blessing in disguise when they unearth hidden historical and archaeological treasures right under the noses of the Queensland Historical Society.

The Forbes Shire Council is on the hunt for Ben Hall.

Claims that Aboriginal Elders have been blocked from eyeballing threatened sacred sites by Fortescue Metals.

Historic Victoria Park in Abbotsford will be reopened after extensive renos and repairs.



  1. I saw that story about the burst water main and giggled. Classic case of under their noses as the time...

  2. OOhhh them mining companies grrr. If we must allow these companies to go wherever and do whatever they jolly well like, I think there ought to be a legal requirement that an archaeological/ aboriginal survey establish a "before" benchmark of sites, with regular [meaningful] audits. Scared of a video camera? Unnnnbelievable.

  3. I love BMX Bandits and watched it just last week.