Sunday, November 20, 2011

Vegies and the idiot box, a natural partnership

I've been off blanching mega tonnes of vegies to freeze, seeing as our labelling laws aren't quite as clear about country of origin as we would like.
I bought a lot of the usual suspects that are in season and going cheap, blanched them, mixed them together and parcelled them into the freezer - worked out cheaper than the store bought frozen stuff but at least I know where these were grown!
So, if you're ever running short of the odd frozen bean, carrot, capsicum or floret of broccoli/cauliflower, pop over with a cup and I'll see what I can chisel out of the chilly bin for your tucker.

Two new telly shows starting shortly have got me marking my diary;
The first is Who's Been Sleeping in My House? starting tomorrow night on ABC1, investigating what history everyday Aussie houses might have hidden away.
The other is Lost and Found: Australia's Hidden Treasures, a 1 hour doco on the History Channel on November 30.
Hopefully the last one will be shown on ABC at some time.

Word on the grapevine is that the Doctor Who Xmas special will be shown here on Boxing Day '
while ABC2 will start airing (don't know when) the Doctor Who series from the 'new' beginning when yummy Christopher Eccelston waved the Sonic Screwdriver about with merry abandon , woop, woop.
I shall be feet up on Dec 26th toasting the idiot box!


  1. All I ever want for xmas is boxing day. All the kafoofle is over, there are plenty of left-overs so no-one need cook and I can read my christmas books in peace.

  2. I used to do that with veggies too, store bought ones and my own home grown ones. Now I just buy what I want on the day I want to eat it.
    Christmas? What's that?

  3. Good thinking batman. The food rules book by Michael Pollen - An eaters manual and the illustrated version is a great read. Really draws home the message pretend your grandmother/great grandmother is shopping with you and if she can't recognise the food don't buy it. I have heard that several times but I think it's probably the first time I have really taken it in. Enjoy the Dr Who love fest on Boxing day. We find here in NZ the TV viewing over that time is crap lol