Sunday, December 4, 2011

A bit busy

Off playing nurse on 24 hour call to elderly 19 year old puppy.
She's not a well girl; chest infection, high temps, cardiac congestion.
Still hasn't woken up (now 12.20pm) since wandering about the house at 3am.
No heroics, just lots of love and care for the old girl.


  1. We were discussing this yesterday, that now our cats are so geriatric, when something happens to their health, we are not going to put them through all the hoola but just comfort them as nature kicks into it's next stage.
    *hugs* 19 years is awesome and gives a lot of time to build up strong love.

  2. Sending heaps of good thoughts your way. They wind their paws deep into your heartstrings don't they?

  3. If it's gotta go - hold its hand (paw).

  4. 19 is a great age. I hope he's not in any pain or at least not too much.

  5. My thoughts are with you and your furry baby. I'll send as many pats and kisses and hugs my way as the cyberspace time continuum will allow - goggies deserve all the love you can give. K xo

  6. Sorry to read this. Hugs to you and the family and to your 19 year old puppy. She is in good hands with you at the helm and surrounded by love.