Saturday, December 31, 2011

Flying Spag Bol for Windsmoke in 2011

On the last day of 2011 there are gazillions of "this year in review" articles and blog posts so I shant add to them.
Instead, I'll just point you in the direction of an article which sums up a general review of the Aussie 2011 HERE.

Windsmoke asked about The Flying Spaghetti Monster deity...a Wikipedia description of just what this soaring pasta god is all about is HERE.
Please note we do not worship this one except once per week smothered in bolognese sauce.
And parmesen cheese.

Hope you're sitting down for the next bit...I've uploaded the pics and am currently transferring them to Photobucket to share the brush strokes with you.
So, we may have a wait on our hands - cos I had to take a bajillion shots for the insurance policy - but, fingers crossed, there'll be another post with pics to dazzle you before the bell tolls midnight.
*Edit - I've procrastinated and blathered about the house for so long the pics are uploaded and they shall be posted shortly.
My pressie to don't have to thank me (tongue in cheek).


  1. That's a nice 2011 summary, short, newsy, no waffling on...
    I worship the FSM weekly too, with tomato sauce (rarely bolgnese) and mountains of parmesan.
    I'm looking forward to the Dunolly photos, will they be on this blog or the Dunolly blog? (which I haven't been to in quite a while...)

  2. I'm now enlightened but not converted thank you. Happy New Year :-).

  3. The house looks fabulous, a reminder how much we still have to do around here.