Friday, December 30, 2011

My brain soup shared with y'all

Dear Diary....
Today, on the penultimate day of 2011, I had THE most exciting time scrubbing the shower tiles prior to my ablutions.
In the midst of my fevered happiness with the scouring brush on the grout an itty bitty Daddy Not-So-Long-Legs needed rescuing from the Dreaded Drain of Doom and, although it did its best to evade capture by this silly pink monkey, I managed to snaffle it and pop it up on the hand basin.
Where it promptly vanished.
If it went down the Dreaded Handbasin Drain of Doom I refuse to be held accountable by Buddah, Mohammad, God, any Goddess in the alphabet or the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

I also learnt that Shaggy (from Scooby Doo) was originally christened Neville Rogers.
I feel like part of my childhood is now coloured somewhat....beige.

And.....who knew Velma had a clown allergy...??!

A new library will be thrown together at Lake Bolac - yippie!

I may or may not manage to upload and empty the camera of 2011 photos before the calendar ticks over to The Year of The Apocolypse.
Aka 2012.
If we're all gonna go in solar flares, is there any point to making toast now....?

And now I'm concerned that Shaggy's friend got his ball caught in the volcano and lost the triple bogey....


  1. What's a Flying Spaghetti Monster?, please enlighten me :-).

  2. There is always point to making toast - so long as it is from decent bread.
    Sandwitch white just doesn't float my boat.
    And you are absolved from the death of the kamakazi spider.

  3. The spider deaths via the Plughole of Doom were numerous in our house too.

    Not so here though - haven't seen one inside. Being eight floors up, perhaps they can't be arsed....

  4. Velma has a clown allergy?
    Is that even possible?
    I've heard of clown fear...Xander in Buffy was afraid of clowns...

    I'm sure the daddy-not-so-long-legs is fine, he probably scampered off behind a tap or something.

  5. Wishing u a merry Christmas and happy new years....