Thursday, December 1, 2011

No bullocks for furbabies on the first day of Summer.

Today has been a good day thus far.
We cycled to Cheltenham , a whole 10 kms, my in my hi-vis orange vest with 'Vision Impaired Rider" across the back, battling the loud farty noises the trucks make, the screaming loons (in the cars), hubby even raced a Noisy Myna Bird, briefly, along the fenceline of the golf club.
And then we finally got to Supply Warehouse, did our shopping and headed back the way we'd come.

Another 10 kms...past the Golden Arches, past the hamburger joints, chicken joints, cold pies and hot drink joints, back home to find our furbaby leaping about with "You're home! You're home! You didn't get abducted by aliens and leave me here to face the zombie apocolypse alone!" excitement which quickly turned into a sulking session when she realised we hadn't brought her home a dead bullock to gnaw on.

Warnings on big grassfire season in Central Victoria.

Old Head of The Lake boat donated to its former school after being found in a 2nd hand shop.
Now, that's a real gem of a find!

Seems Abbott and Pyne got their budgie smugglers in a twist and made claims that weren't quite true.
Imagine that, politicians saying something that wasn't correct.
Ummm, ahhhh....

Tougher water restrictions for those in country Victoria...yet in Melbourne it's permissible to once again waster water on lawns....
The lunatics are running the asylum.

Today is World AIDS Day....article on How activism changed the face of this illness.

Enlightening article on cutting welfare payments in Indigenous communities.

Huge canola seed spill at Dunolly was confirmed to NOT be GM canola, big relief as it's already germinating.


  1. If your furbaby is anything like ours it is already shamefully indulged.
    Did hubby win the race against the noisy mynah?
    Of course Abbot and his mate got their knickers twisted. Do what you do best I say....
    I am sad that World Aids Day is still necessary. But it is.
    And don't get me started on the welfare payments/indigenous communities debacle. Grrr.

  2. Oh, yes, she's very spoiled, EC lol.