Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Screw it all.

I am so over people forwarding me some pathetic meme/email/letter/poem about a kid with a learning issue.
AND I am so frigging over hearing about somebody or other who thinks they speak for everyman-woman-and-dog when they crack the sads about receiving the same email forwarded to them.

Some emails aren't half bad.
Others aren't worth using as bum fodder.
But the whole point's up to me, as a parent, who deems whether I use it or kick it to the compost heap.
Not some parent who Crowns themselves as the Queen or King who decides what is acceptable or not.
And who then declares to all and sundry that THEY deem the email in poor taste/most excellent and to delete it immediately or pass it on to every living , breathing human on this planet.

I have explored this road of the Autistic Spectrum for a fair few years now with my Feral Aspie Beastie and I don't think I need someone to tell me how to suck eggs to get along and survive it.


  1. Snap. There are many, many worthy causes and individuals. Let me decide when/how/if I am going to support them.

  2. Well said, i agree that being told to suck eggs all the time would annoy me big time as well :-).

  3. Individuality.
    Can only be given away, not taken away. *unless we are talking like guns and stuff*
    But how frustrating to constantly deal with people who think they are so important that you will automatically change your thinking to suit theirs.

    Just think about the bakery...wafting warm smells of croissants and buns... ;-)

  4. Yep! Been there and done that too girl so I'm with ya on that one...*helps kick the crap into the compost heap*

    Merry Christmas or whatever to ya too! And have a damned good New Year..Rev it up with the loud music I say!

  5. You left the granny out of the sucking eggs phrase. I'll fix for you. '...and I don't think this granny needs someone to tell me how to suck eggs...'