Friday, December 2, 2011


Over at Timespanner my friend Lisa has been tempting us with fabulous Kiwi art work on the most mundane things like traffic signal boxes...while ours get covered in meaningless tagging graffiti.
But Ballarat seems to have seen the light!
It's investing a small fortune in developing some proper art on signal boxes to cut down on the ugly graffiti.
And the Eureka Flag has been fiddled with and restored, back on display in time for the 157th anniversary tomorrow of the Eureka Rebellion.
Speaking of anniversaries, this day 100 years ago saw Mawson and his lads set off on their Antarctic adventures.
Including my favourite well-born Aussie cross-dressing spy, Herbert Dyce Murphy.
The Wimmera and Grampians are trialling a free battery recycling collection, which is no bad thing seeing as 8,000 tonnes end up in landfill each year.

I've managed to track down a pair of trousers and a shirt to wear in the choir for Carols on Broadway, now I just need someone to swipe Dame Joan Sutherland's pipes for me...!


  1. Canberra has had art on the signal boxes etc for a while now and it does seem to (mostly) cut down on the mindless tagging. I am particularly partial to the one which had Mr Fox on one side and Goosey Loosey on the other.

  2. I like this art idea - hope it spreads!

  3. Why are we so far behind Auckland with public art?

  4. Oy. am not a Roman christian - time as time is - Wishing you, and yours, all the best fer the merrry Season.