Thursday, December 29, 2011

Tetchy Thursday off the agenda

And after my sooky la la rant last night today is another glorious day!

Still haven't uploaded the before and after pics of the caravan - cos I'm slack, it's Chrissy hols, the Lizard Rock chardy has been particularly nice and cos I'm slack.
Still haven't got all of Feral Aspie's school books for next year - cos I'm slack, it's Chrissy hols, see above point for further excuses.
Apart from the fact his books will cost enough to run the economy of a small country.
Or fix the economy of one of those that are currently being bailed out by Germany and France.

Got nothing planned for New Years Eve except to gaze into the eyes of my beloved furbaby as we hold deep and meaningful conversations to solve the world problems while I try to ignore the chainsaw snoring of the beloved spouse.
And now the weather people say we are to have a 4 day heatwave over the New Year which could mean dabbling my toes in the blow up baby pool in the loungeroom again.


  1. OH jeepers one of the heat waves of the kind you get in your part of the world would be enough to make me well and truly tetchy! Happy New Year!

  2. Blech to heatwaves. Enough to make an already grumpy old woman feral. Fingers crossed that it is another thing that the weather boffins are lying about. Except that I bet it is not. Have you noticed rain or the absence of same they get wrong, wrong, wrong and wrong and yet they are able to predict temperature to within a degree. I don't understand.

  3. Heatwave for you; snow forecast for us. The Genevans love their fireworks but I *hate* going out late at night, so the NYE plan is to stay in with LC, Sapphire and Milly, have some champers and go to bed way, waaaay before midnight.

    I mean it's still going to be 2012 when I wake up, isn't it?

  4. So I take it there's been a fair bit of slacking off going on at The House of Jayne?
    Yes, there is a heat wave coming. According to tonight's weather report, New Year's Eve will be 37*C, followed by 39* on January 1st, 2nd and 3rd. I'm sweating just thinking about it!
    Enjoy your quiet New Year's Eve.

  5. Be careful Jayne, I'm sure I saw an article in the Herald-Sun [ergo true]that you can be fined 6 bagizlion dollars if you do not have a proper safety fence around - wait for it - a wading pool.
    Be afraid... be very afraid.

  6. I'm quite happy about the heatwave because my mummy doesn't want me to be wandering around getting heatstroke,in other words I get a few days home with the air-con and a million books to read.