Monday, January 9, 2012

Almost organic free fruit foraging

 I've turned into a forager (she says in a bad imitation of a colonial British colonel through a walrus-like moustache).
I've found blackberries!
FREE Blackberries!!
Yes, this may involve a rampant blackberry bush that isn't so secret but the exact location will not be pried from my lips.
Oh, alright, you twisted my arm.
Huntingdale station.
Noticed big, juicy orbs hanging from the bush as we swept past on our way to Clayton via the treadly bikes, no signs of it being sprayed, no signs that it's been hampered in any way.

So, we wended our way back to the bush with snap lock bags, which we filled with as many as we could reach.
Unfortunately there was a shedload of the big, juicy orbs hanging just out of reach on the other side of the fence.
Yes, the obligatory fence blackberries seem to find themselves leaning on.
We walked and looked and found a way over this fact we walked right over the fence - no, we didn't perform the second coming, the fence was fallen down and we could literally walk right up and over, give or take a wiggle or 10 over the barbed wire.

Anyhoo....we worked our way through enough of the deadly blackberry bush to come to the conclusion the thorns are everywhere, they snap off in clothing to give double the bang for their buck and the bastard scratches sting like molten candle wax when the hubby accidentally sprays mozzie spray onto the gazillion tiny cuts.

But we managed to snaffle about 4 kilos which are now freezing in the freezer for future jams and desserts.
Sometimes....this kind of delectable goodie is worth the pricks.


  1. Definately worth the small cuts :-) Reminds me of when l was younger and living in country Victoria. Good times, picking wild blackberries and raspberries.

  2. Pain is endurable with such delightful incentive. :-D

  3. Whoo hoo! Every effort is worth getting free berries!

  4. I know where some free blackberries are growing too- still green yet- and takes a bit of a walk to get there- but I will be walking there soon and will munch some!

  5. Fresh blackberries. I haven't had them since I was a kid. I wonder how the infestation of rivers and creeks in the country had panned out since.

  6. Our local council is very, very diligent about spraying the blackberries a week or so before they are ripe. Damn them. While I was growing up the whole family went foraging for blackberries every year. Blackberry pie, blackberry jam, blackberry anything. Yum.
    Though foraging is not without its risks. A local chef cooked a delicious meal of foraged mushrooms here last week. He and his sous chef and dead and two others still in hospital with liver damage. Deathcap mushrooms the culprit.

  7. My farm right now is being invaded by those prickly darned pests. I love blackberry pie but I don't love their parents...herbicide is 'nigh...

  8. yummy, I used to love foraging for blackberries in the olden days!

  9. I like blackberries and was quite excited to see bushes on my daughter's property when she first moved in. Then she told me they'd been sprayed. They're all gone now, but he still has fruit trees and a hazelnut tree and a walnut tree too. Yum!

  10. Happy New Year Ro, sorry I haven't been round much. Thanks for the xmas card. I hope mine reached you, I was laughing as I discovered I had popped your address on the sender side. Duh at me. Wow your caravan make over is looking awesome. Love what you have been up with envy. Whooo hooo at the blackberry foraging, what an awesome score that was. We have to be careful here cos of the concil being spray happy. But I now know of a private place/stash where they are not sprayed. Have fun with those berries.

  11. Why would ANYONE let a few pricks stop them doing what they want?? Words to live by!!

    PS Blackberries go with ANYTHING ... except maybe laksa!!

  12. Apologies, but the Blackberry importation is an invasive WEED!

    Might be 'soft and fluffy'"memories of the fruit" but believe me, around here, paraphrasing Daleks -its called "eradicate, eradicate, eradicate".

  13. I know, Dave, but this one ( and 2 others nearby) haven't been sprayed and loaded down with fruit.
    Now that I've had my pick they can spray it all they like.