Saturday, January 7, 2012

Cycling adventures in urban forests sans hair

Good grief, haven't I been slack!
Nevermind, think of it as a holiday from the internal blatherings and bleatings of my brain.
We've been cycling almost every day - except when the temp gets to eleventy hundred degrees and then we hide in the cave.
The other day we dragged the poor Feral Aspie teen to Ashburton via part of the old Outer Circle Railway trail aka the Anniversary Trail - which is a lovely ride, must take camera next time.

Very happy to find that the new Solway Bridge over Gardiners Creek is finally open and able to be used, after taking torturous detours (well, torture to my unused cycling muscles).
We returned in a slightly different manner, taking him through the small patches of urban forest created from some of the sections of the old railway line, lovely tracts where you'd think you were in native bush far from the maddening traffic.
Well, we were s-l-o-w-l-y puttering through one such section (I told you, my non-cycling muscles)  when something grey fluttered gracefully up from the forest floor at one point.
Beady eyed Feral Aspie teen followed it up to the low hanging tree branch with his eyes and identified it instantly as a Tawny Frogmouth.
Lovely thing, it sat there patiently while 3 stupid pink monkeys stared at it and it's partner in rapture, wondering if this showed the urban forest to be a healthy little pocket of bushland in amidst high-priced suburbia.
Well done to those friends of the Urban Forest on a great job.

And as we get quite hot in our helmets while cycling, we all clippered our hair to a # 3 cut.
Just to put you off your tea...


  1. Huge savings in expenditure on shampoo too.

  2. PS: V jealous about the frogmouth sighting. Well done the Feral Aspie teen.

  3. Love it - it's what my Dad calls 'Low Maintenance Hair' !

  4. That cut actually looks quite good, it shows off your cheekbones. I've noticed my hair getting quite sweaty under the helmet, having to wash it every day is getting to be a bit of a nuisance. Especially now that it's just beginning to float past my shoulders again.
    I see your aching muscles and raise you my thighs-in-agony.
    I went for a ride myself this afternoon...

  5. Such a rare privilege to see Tawny Frogmouth in the flesh!!

    AND ... I'm SO jealous of that short hair - I still miss my super-short cut, it was so perfect for travelling!!

  6. Scary photo. I doesn't look like Jayne. Brows are good though, good cheek bones. A woman without eyeliner is no use to anyone. All good. You would pick up in a dyke bar in five minutes flat.

  7. Jayne, I had a hair cut like that once.
    Just the once.

    Very cheeky smile.

  8. Bonza haircut short, sweet and easy care just like mine :-).

  9. LMAO
    Thank you all :)
    Andrew, you give me hope!
    We really must take the camera next time, the urban forest is very pretty, the billabongs/lakes are full and teeming with birdlife, so much bird song :)

  10. You make me feel like a lazy sloth with all this biking in the heat. The only excuse that I have today is that it is pouring with rain!