Saturday, February 4, 2012

Err, helloz, how are you?

Yes, I'm still alive.
Well, pinkish and breathing, at least.

Been doing the whole "let's get fit and lose weight" nonsense with The Spouse...and we were going quite well until I hit the brick wall today.
You know that brick wall - no energy, your get up and go got up and went in the night, strained muscles, crying fits out of the blue...
Oh, you mean that's just me?
Yes, this is actually called a depletion of potassium in my case.
Drinking lots of fluid in the heat? Throw a banana down your gob to keep the levels up.

Have been nomming on 'nanas for the past few hours.
Along with the random bits of sliced chicken, jalapeno stuffed olives, Ryvita bikkies and Kalamata olive paste that managed to leap into my gullet.
While it sounds like I dine on the expensive stuff it's actually very cheap from my fav NQR store, along with their delightful wine range.

So, apart from cycling all over the place with The Spouse, draping myself not-so languidly across the loungesuit and trying to avoid the scrumptious goodies stocked in my fridge I managed to get myself a new bike seat (extra large for an extra large arse) which rides like a comfy armchair.

Great article HERE on the mixed relationship Dickens had with Australia.

Further details on the underwater archaeological search for the Royal Charlotte HERE.

And, finally, so many stall holders for the Art of Elegance Fair that St John's Anglican Church Hall is a second venue!



  1. Readers, unless Jayne has changed a lot in the year or so since I saw her, her bum is not that big.

  2. Bananas! Yummiest fruit invented. :-)
    Comfy bike seats are a universal challenge, methinks.

  3. Oh for a comfy bike seat! Mine isn't too bad, but I haven't been riding for a couple of weeks now. In between getting to and from work at all hours, (I hate shift work!), and hiding from the heat on weekends, there just isn't much opportunity. I knew about the bananas thing, I always eat one after strenuous activity. Which I mostly try to avoid, since I hate that sticky sweat feeling.

  4. I love the Art of Elegance Fair. Despite having no claim to elegance myself. And am really, really impressed with the bike riding.

  5. Nice to hear your dulcet tones again. Not overly fond of nanas but, as a slug, am unlikely to suffer a great deficit of potassium.

    Keep the seat receipt. At the rate you are going you might need to take it back to the supplier.

  6. There's nothing like a cuddly bottom :-).

  7. LOL
    The axe handles, they have multiplied, Amdrew!

    Like a lounge chair, Essie ;)

    The heat is horrid, River, making us stay inside like this.

    I shall try to take plenty of pics for you, EC :)

    LOL FC, I'll be keeping this seat, it's cruisy smooth :)

    LOL Thanks WS, that's a lovely comment on a well-padded behind :)