Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I haz been galloping - no, really, I haz!

It's a lovely Tuesday here in sunny downtown south east 'burbs where the plebians have jogged/walked this morning then cycled to Cheltenham this arvo.
This jog/walk thing (which could easily dissolve into a stumble/crawl) is a beginners start to running.
Yes, that dreadful R word which I've resolutely refused to entertain in any form since my last PE class at school all those eons ago.
Hell may have just started to freeze over....

Fabbo blog post - and fab farming blog - HERE on a bit of history re the discovery of chloroform for anaesthesia and the connection to Australia.

Great article and conversation HERE on a new book outlining the racsim, history and difficulties faced by Aboriginal People in the early 1970s in WA as they set up the Aboriginal Legal Service.

It seems the band Not Quite Right, from Ballarat, are making strides in helping teens with Acquired Brain Injuries and neurological diseases with a sort of music therapy.

That famous sketchbook, rescued from the back of a cupboard in Canada, that contains all those early Colonial images is known as the Wallis Album, some of those precious pictures can be seen HERE.

The ever-lovely Kew Court House is about to receive an heritage award tomorrow for it's splendour.

Seems the Baillieu Govt has axed the First Farm Grans Scheme for young farmers.
So much for support and encouraging young people into the agricultural sector...

After I sold a kidney (again) the Feral Teen had some more bits of school uniform bought, then we hit the supermarket outlet for goodies but first we found a great art and craft clearance centre where paints started at 50 cents and canvas' started from $1 - woohooo, Mamma has got her happy on!
Have been getting back into my painting again, such a soothing hobby where one can ignore the massive eyesore developments being built all about and the lovely local old pre-WW1 church being demolished *sob* due to some tool not thinking to give it heritage listing before it got flogged off for housing development.
Although one does get the urge to go stabbity fark with ones sharpened paint brush....told you it was a soothing hobby!


  1. Many smiles. Thanks for this. And I am in awe about the impending running.

  2. Personally I would prefer to be stabbity farked with the sharp end of a paint brush than go running/cycling or any other form of exertion.
    The book title "Loneliness of a long distance runner" contains a tautology. Isn't "fun run" an oxymoron?

    Running is a lonely job, but someone has to do it. I can't thank you enough.

  3. *follows links and giggles* OMG, I totally would have named my baby Anasthaesia if I had been that lady?
    Epidural doesn't have as nice a ring to it, but SO GLAD I had one. ;-)

    Running is evil. If you want to get your bouncy bits moving, try belly dancing. ;-p

  4. I've always been ambivalent about painting (as a hobby for myself, not appreciating others talent) until I read your last sentence! Maybe it bears closer investigation after all ...

  5. Did you post something about the church a long time ago?

  6. Running? RUNNING?? Why would you do such a thing? A bus will get you there....wherever.

    Will you be showing us your paintings?

  7. Running!!! Have you not read my post about tears in Achille's tendon and that was just walking.
    You were in Cheltenham and didn't call in, pfft!